One Thing That Surprised Hulk Hogan When He Learned Chris Hemsworth Would Play Him In A Biopic

Biopics are a much a part of Hollywood’s fabrics as musicals and action films. Everyone from music legends to infamous celebutantes to sports icons have been the subjects of one on the big screen, especially in recent years. One such sports icon is legendary WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan, who will be played by actor Chris Hemsworth in an upcoming movie. Even though Hulk Hogan is grateful for the actor’s casting, he says he was honestly surprised by one thing about the Australian actor.

Hulk Hogan has remained a beloved figure in the wrestling world despite various controversies that have cropped up over the years.The retired professional wrestler has had a turbulent life filled with highs, lows and everything in between, which is great for a feature-length film. He's also known for his physique, so it feels like Chris Hemsworth is a smart choice to play the legendary wrestler. Yet recently, Hogan spoke with ESPN about one of the surprises he learned about Hemsworth, amusingly commenting:

We haven't gotten to that point yet. We did talk on the phone when he decided to do the movie, and he said he wanted to be around me as much as he can to study me and see what makes me tick. And I was like, 'Brother, you're going to be surprised.' [Laughs] He's a lot taller than I thought he was, around 6-foot-3 or 6-foot-4. He's in crazy shape. I keep on telling him that the only problem is that he's not really good-looking enough to play me in a movie.

It's great to see that Hulk Hogan and Chris Hemsworth have developed enough of a rapport that they can joke about the actor’s looks. It’s even funnier given the actor was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2014. Hopefully, as Hemsworth prepares to film the biopic we'll get more amusing stories of this ilk.

Both men have a considerable amount of fame and presence over their careers. Hogan began his professional wrestling career in the 1970s before blowing up in 1983 after signing with the WWE. He was credited for driving the wrestling boom of the 1980s with his original All-American persona. His presence led to being a six-time WWE Champion and headlining WrestleMania nine times. Besides wrestling, his popularity led him to an extensive acting career in film and television from the 1990s to the present day. Ultimately, Hulk Hogan retired from being a full-time wrestler in 2003.

For Hemsworth, his acting career began in Australia on long-running soap operas Neighbours and Home and Away before crossing over into film. His first prominent film came in 2009’s Star Trek as James T. Kirk’s father before breaking through as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor has gone on to star in the Huntsman and Avengers franchises, the Vacation and Ghostbusters reboot and the Netflix hit film Extraction. Hulk Hogan isn’t the first real-life person Chris Hemsworth has portrayed, as he also received acclaim for playing James Hunt in 2013’s Rush. He will be seen next in Thor: Love and Thunder and Furiosa.

It’s nice to see the relationship the wrestling legend and the A-list actor have developed after Chris Hemsworth was announced as the man to play the mustache. Now, viewers will just have to wait for the film to come out (in theaters or on streaming). For now, if you want to see more Chris Hemsworth, check out his MCU work from Thor to Avengers: Endgame on Disney+.

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