Now Logan Paul Wants To Box Marvel Star Chris Hemsworth After The Floyd Mayweather Fight

Logan Paul doing a standup interview and talking to the camera.

YouTube star Logan Paul is already set to step in the ring with undefeated former champion Floyd Mayweather in February, but that doesn’t mean he’s not also planning out his next move. The aspiring boxer and professional trashtalker took to Twitter this weekend to comment on some video footage of Marvel star Chris Hemsworth boxing, telling his fans he wants Thor next.

It all started on Friday when a video was posted of Chris Hemsworth sparring in a gym, presumably as part of his training to remain absolutely ripped for his movie roles. The video was passed around quite a bit on Twitter as his hands were pretty quick and his form was solid. It eventually found its way to Logan Paul, who couldn’t pass up the opportunity to call him and out and hype his own bout with Mayweather in the process.

Both Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul have found a lucrative revenue stream with boxing. The brothers first competed against fellow YouTubers KSI and Deji. The exhibition generated 1.3M pay per view buys and sold 21,000 tickets. Jake Paul subsequently fought and knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson on the undercard of Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. The event generated $80M, much of which was obviously due to Tyson, and was enough to generate interest from retired boxer Floyd Mayweather who signed a deal to fight Logan Paul.

The Mayweather and Paul fight is scheduled for February 20, 2021. Pay per view streams of the event are currently selling for $59.99. It’s unclear how well the event is selling, but between Mayweather who is responsible for most of the highest grossing pay per views in history and Paul who has a large fanbase, you would think there would be a lot of interest. Early reports indicate Mayweather will reportedly receive a lot more of the purse than Paul, but everyone involved should take home a really good payday and plenty of exposure.

As for this Chris Hemsworth/ Logan Paul fight, it’s hard to imagine this would ever come together. Hemsworth has almost nothing to gain except cool guy points by getting into the ring, and it’s hard to imagine Marvel would be very excited about him throwing fists and possibly injuring himself. Paul would, of course, take the fight in a second considering how famous Hemsworth is and the fact that he wouldn’t present nearly the challenge Mayweather will, but it takes two peope to agree to a deal like this. I just don’t see it coming together. Then again, a few months ago, I would have very confidently bet Mayweather and Paul would never have happened; so, I guess I’ll leave open a tiny chance.

I appreciate how many times Paul blows the hype whistle, but my advice for him would be to prepare for Floyd Mayweather. I’m not sure many think he has a real shot against the former boxer (his brother doesn't), but he’s not going to be able to just keep losing and getting people to buy more fights. The perfect scenario here would be he looks pretty decent in the fight, doesn’t get embarrassed and is able to springboard that into another celebrity fight, probably with someone a little less famous than Chris Hemsworth.

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