Robert Downey Jr Has Seen Tom Holland And The Russo's Cherry, Here's What He Says

RDJ in hugging Holland in Avengers: Endgame

With the release of Cherry, one of the few films getting released to theaters, steadily approaching, the creators and cast are making sure the film gets some press leading up to its theatrical release. Anthony and Joe Russo, the brothers responsible for directing four films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, have teamed up with Tom Holland again to make Cherry. Robert Downey Jr. has already seen the film and, taking his on screen role as Tony Stark seriously once more, has some positive words for his own screen protege Tom Holland.

Robert Downey Jr joined the Russo brothers and Tom Holland, among others, in a social distanced screening of Cherry followed by a live video panel Q&A. During the panel, Downey praises the film and addresses Holland specifically by name in his positive feedback of the film. In Downey’s own words:

Honestly, this is just one of those movies, Tom, fellas, ladies, that you’re going to wind up when it comes on in five years, wherever it is in the movie you’re gonna want to watch it. It’s the highest compliment I can pay to a piece of cinema is it bears rewatching.

It’s hard to not interpret Robert Downey Jr’s direct address to Tom Holland, in which he quickly added the other participants, as one of a proud mentor as he gives the film the “highest compliment” he can bestow. Downey openly embraces his on screen persona of Tony Stark, so it would make sense that he would take to Tom Holland, who plays the teenage Spiderman in the MCU, in real life.

Tom Holland, although looking pleased at Robert Downey Jr’s words, seems to keep his cool way better than his version of Peter Parker would have. Holland seems to be attempting to break away from the youthful role he plays in the MCU. He takes the lead in Cherry as an ex army medic struggling with PTSD and a drug addiction who turns to robbing banks to pay for his drug debts. If that’s not already striking enough for you, Holland lost around 30 pounds just to turn around and gain it back for the role, which puts Holland in Hollywood’s club of actors who have put their bodies through hell in the name of art.

Robert Downey Jr. participation in the Cherry panel may have surprised people, since he's not actually playing a role in the movie. It may just be because of his connections alone that he’s there, having connections to at least half of the participants of the panel. Or he may be there to show his support of his past colleagues. Whatever the reason, though, Downey’s highest praise is sure to have a good impact on the soon-to-be-released film.

Cherry is set to release to theaters on February 26th and to stream on Apple TV+ a couple weeks later. As always, check back with Cinemablend for future TV and movie news.

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