Tom Holland Is Almost Unrecognizable In Russo Brothers' Movie Cherry

Tom Holland as Peter Parker

After bringing the Infinity Saga to a triumphant climax with Avengers: Endgame, the world is pretty much their oyster for the Russo Brothers and they have plenty of projects lined up. For their first post-Endgame directorial effort, the directing duo will actually be re-teaming with MCU star Tom Holland. But don’t expect the friendly neighborhood hero this time around. Tom Holland is almost unrecognizable in the Russo Brothers’ Cherry. Take a look:

Wow, Peter Parker that is not. Well, not Tom Holland’s version anyway. Ironically, Tom Holland kind of looks more like a fully dark Harry Osborn here. Actually, on second thought, Tom Holland is only a bit of black eyeliner, a set of black clothes and a cringeworthy dance number away from being Emo Peter from Spider-Man 3. Fortunately, I don’t think we’ll ever see that, not in Cherry and not in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 3. The point is, Tom Holland looks unrecognizable here.

The Russo Brothers are in the edit bay on their Avengers: Endgame follow-up Cherry and they took to Twitter to show what they’re working on and tease fans with a Tom Holland that they aren’t used to seeing. In the image, Tom Holland’s character looks incredibly intense and creepy and not at all friendly or neighborly. There’s not enough to go on in this image to guess what’s happening, but he’s not happy.

This image makes it clear that not only will Tom Holland look unrecognizable in this role, Cherry will be a film different than any he’s done before, potentially changing perceptions of the popular actor and what he’s capable of.

It is also worth noting that Tom Holland is sporting longer hair in this image from Cherry but not the locks that fans fell in love with. It may actually be a wig because last year the Holland stans on the internet were all in a tizzy when the actor shaved his head for the role in Cherry. We’ve also seen chilling images from Cherry of Tom Holland with a shaved head. So the character’s hair will be part of his transformation in the film.

Cherry is written by Jessica Goldberg based on a book by Nico Walker. In the Russo Brothers film, Tom Holland stars as an Army medic who returns home from war with PTSD. He winds up becoming addicted to drugs and turns to bank robbery in order to pay off his debts. It sounds like a harrowing and timely tale and just judging based off Tom Holland’s look here, this will be a dark movie.

Cherry also stars Thomas Lennon, Jack Reynor, Kelli Burgland and Ciara Bravo. The Russo Brothers film is expected in 2020 but does not yet have a release date set. Those looking for a new Tom Holland movie don’t have to wait for Cherry though or the next Spider-Man, the actor stars in the new Pixar film Onward, which arrives in theaters this weekend.

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