The Suicide Squad’s James Gunn Responds To Call For The First Trailer

The film industry came to a standstill in the face of COVID-19 last year, with many productions had to stop completely or finish up quickly before the industry shut down for numerous months. One of the lucky projects who was done shooting before all this happened was The Suicide Squad, with James Gunn directing. DC fans seem anxious for a peek of the film, which has elicited a response from Gunn.

James Gunn’s social media response came as a Harley Quinn fan account posed a question to him on Twitter: when is the first trailer for The Suicide Squad arriving? Almost a year after the film wrapped production, Gunn has been posting images and teaser for the upcoming DC film. He has answered fans in the past about the film’s post-production journey, and now he's responded to this latest question in a way many might not have expected. But instead of being defensive over the fan’s tweet, the director gave a just and understanding response to the call-to-action:

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Like many directors dealing with the pandemic, James Gunn used the moment to ask for the fan’s patience as the film industry figures out what the future of cinema will be. Along with directing The Suicide Squad, Gunn also wrote the screenplay, with the returning cast from 2016’s Suicide Squad including Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, Viola Davis and Joel Kinnaman. Idris Elba, John Cena, Pete Davidson and Sylvester Stallone are among the many actors joined them for the sequel. There have been some footage and photos from the set that have been released in recent months, especially of Elba and Cena. As with the first Suicide Squad movie, The Suicide Squad sees a variety of incarcerated super-criminals being sent on a black-ops mission as Task Force X.

Since James Gunn was announced as the The Suicide Squad's director, there have been quite a few developments within this DC franchise. Gunn will also produce, write and direct a spinoff series for Peacemaker (played by John Cena). The series will consist of eight episodes and is set to premiere on HBO Max at a yet-to-be-revealed date.

In addition to helming The Suicide Squad for DC, James Gunn is set to return to Marvel to direct direct and write Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3. The film is expected to begin production in 2021, and its release is set for 2023. Gunn also taken to social media recently to talk with fans about Guardians items. Before the threequel arrives, a holiday special based on the MCU franchise will premiere in 2022.

Before The Suicide Squad is released, you can check out Suicide Squad on DVD, Blu-ray, Ultra HD Blu-ray and Digital HD, and it's also available to stream on HBO Max. The Suicide Squad arrives in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6.

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