Here's What Happens If You Have Covid At Disney World

Walt Disney World has been open since July. While the coronavirus pandemic continues to be an issue across the country and the world, many have chosen to visit the theme park resort. For its part, Walt Disney world has taken a many steps to try to keep guests safe, and from all accounts, they've worked. But what happens if somebody actually does test positive for the virus while at Walt Disney World? While such things have been rare, they have apparently happened, but it seems there's a plan for when that takes place, and Disney World is using Fort Wilderness as a place for quarantine.

Fort Wilderness is Walt Disney World's campground, but it also has cabins for guests who want to vacation in slightly less rough conditions. According to Bloomberg, the cabins are being used as a place to let people stay who actually test positive for COVID-19 while at the resort. It's the perfect location. The cabins create more distance between guests than any hotel room would, and they don't share ventilation systems, so people can truly be isolated while they wait out the virus.

Temperature checks are mandatory at many places at Walt Disney World, including before entering the theme parks, Disney Springs, or various restaurants. It certainly helps prevent sick people from mixing with everybody else, but due to the way the virus works, that act won't catch everybody. The possibility of people who are infected with COVID-19 arriving at Walt Disney World, even without realizing they are sick, is certainly possible. When that happens you can't just send them home, as the possibility of them infecting many others simply increases.

There are worse places to get stuck if you're sick, I suppose. Hopefully, you brought a couple good books with you if you're stuck in your cabin for a couple of weeks. It may not be the vacation that you planned on, but it's still a vacation at Disney World. Hopefully, the resort helps take care of the sick person a little bit, maybe throw some Mickey ice cream bars in the freezer so you can have something special while you're waiting to be able to go home.

Walt Disney World has faced more than its share of criticism for even being open right now. Many other states are still in various stages of lockdown. Disneyland and other California theme parks have remained closed since last March. However, Disney World has certainly done everything possible so far to keep guests and cast members safe. The park has held capacity at 35% or less since reopening, to allow people to remain socially distant. Events that draw crowds, like fireworks and parades, have remained cancelled. Rules regarding face coverings have continued to evolve as better data comes out. As better practices have come to light, Disney World has adopted them.

2021 is sure to be another unusual year for Walt Disney World, but it will, hopefully, see a steady progression back to normal. and hopefully not too many people will need to spend their vacation at the Fort Wilderness cabins unless they really want to do so.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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