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The Best Celebrity Bernie Sanders Memes Go To Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Hart And More

A brand new President of the United States was sworn in this week. The inauguration of President Biden was certainly an interesting affair due to all that came with it taking place during a global pandemic, but the event had some highlights. There was a remarkable poetry reading, some inspirational songs, and rousing speeches. However, if the event truly goes down in history, it may be all because of Senator Bernie Sanders. The former candidate attended the inauguration, but to guard against the snow that appeared early in the day, he bundled himself up in a solid coat and a serious pair of mittens.

The image of Bernie waiting for the show to start and trying to keep warm has gone viral, and a new meme sprung up, placing the clearly cold and unamused senator in any number of hilarious locations. Even days later it's been impossible to avoid the meme, and even numerous celebrities have gotten in on the action, including the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Hart, and Paul Bettany.

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You could count on Ryan Reynolds to give fans something good to laugh at, and the actor did not disappoint. He put Bernie sitting on an overpass guardrail right next to Deadpool, and it's great. Bernie looks ready to go do some damage with his buddy DP. Now, you have to imagine Bernie Sanders with a couple of swords cutting up some bad guys, and now you'll never get that image out of your head.

Kevin Hart, however, went with a slightly different angle. Hart took a picture of himself looking quite suave and just stuck Bernie in the background. I guess Hart and Sanders are just hanging out over drinks, but Kevin didn't bother to tell Bernie he was going to dress up. Now Sanders feels all underdressed and awkward.

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My favorite of the Bernie meme's, however, has to be the one from Paul Bettany. The actor dropped a shot from his new MCU series WandaVision, where Vision and Wanda perform a magic act, and make Bernie the man coming out of the magic box. There's always that guy that's utterly unimpressed by magic shows and Bernie's look conveys that perfectly. He clearly has no idea how he got here and just wants to go back to his seat.

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However, if there's one celebrity Bernie meme that's so perfect it honestly looks like it belongs, it comes from Annie Murphy of Schitt's Creek. The actress dropped Bernie into a cast photo and Bernie honestly looks like he belongs there. If there's any way one could have made Schitt's Creek an even better show, it would have been including Bernie Sanders as a a character. This is a spinoff we will take.

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The Bernie meme will fade away, probably soon. That's the way these things go, but it was funny while it lasted, and at some point you'll come across one of these images again and laugh all over again, even if you eventually forget where this image even came from.

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