Ghostbusters' Paul Feig Reveals Why His Universal Monster Movie Is Taking So Long

Ghostbusters Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCartht, and Leslie Jones in their Ghostbusters uniforms

For almost two years, Paul Feig, the director of such films as A Simple Favor and the Ghostbusters reboot, has been building an army. In the shadow of Universal’s Dark Universe shakeup, it’s only apt that this film happens to be known as Dark Army, and it could stand as a key piece to moving forward with revitalizing the studio’s legendary monster catalog. There’s just one problem: it looks like Feig’s potential budget is a bit too rich for Universal’s blood, even after all this time.

With the details of Dark Army’s story still under wraps tighter than a mummy’s burial wardrobe, we still don’t know where Paul Feig’s story is going or which Universal Monsters are potentially included. But there are some new details released that are rather intriguing, even when it comes to the issue of the costs the film might incur. Speaking with Collider about those greater details, Feig professed his love for the still-developing project:

Oh, Dark Army. I love that project so much. I think the studio thinks it’s a little too expensive, perhaps. God as my witness, I’m gonna make that movie. I’m so obsessed with making that movie. One of the many reasons why I was drawn to doing this current Netflix [movie] is that there’s a lot of stuff I can work out in it, as far as effects and all that, that I can bring to 'Dark Army'. I love it. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever written. It’s one of my favorite lead characters I’ve ever come up with. So, fingers crossed that we will make it someday.

If Dark Army existed as the sole chance of Universal salvaging its Dark Universe hopes and dreams, the budget might not have been an obstacle and Paul Feig’s dream movie may have been a little further in development. However, after last year’s smash success with the $7 million budgeted thrills of The Invisible Man, Universal might have become a bit shy about shelling out a huge budget. It’s a hypothesis that can be seen in the recent, blazing fast decision to re-team with writer/director Leigh Whannell for a Wolfman reboot starring Ryan Gosling, which is also produced by the ever budget-conscious Blumhouse Productions.

The good news is that as it stands, Dark Army hasn’t been cancelled, and there’s a chance that Paul Feig and Universal could work things out to make this exciting prospect a reality. But, with a track record of balking at other price tag intense projects like Bioshock, Halo and At the Mountains of Madness, Universal could hold fast and add another spooky what-if story to its graveyard of potential films. Keep checking back with CinemaBlend for updates on its development.

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