Mission: Impossible 7 And 8’s Christopher McQuarrie Shares Cool Set Photos As Cast Gets Back To Work

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The next Mission: Impossible movie was one of the first major productions to be forced to shutdown by the global pandemic. And while the new sequel has been significantly delayed, it is moving forward. Following a hiatus for the holidays, Director Christopher McQuarrie has now shown what the Mission: Impossible sequels are up to with a collection of images that show that a portion of the next film will take place in the desert.

Major film productions have been difficult to put together on location but the Mission: Impossible franchise is built on amazing locations as much as it is Tom Cruise's particular desire to do insane things on camera. The next movie is looking to do some stuff in a very exotic location that will include, among other things, camels.

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The end of 2020 was as crazy for Mission: Impossible as it was for any other major film production, perhaps more so. An audio clip was leaked last year which purported to feature Tom Cruise screaming at a couple of crew members for not following the necessary social distancing guidelines. Shortly thereafter the movie broke for the holidays, but Simon Pegg let fans know that things are now back at work. He confirmed that the movie would be filming once again in the United Arab Emirates as it did back in the days of Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

It will be interesting if the fact that Mission: Impossible 7 is returning to the UAE is connected to the previous adventure. More than likely, it's just an available place to shoot scenes in the middle east that could be meant to represent anyplace. However, we've seen more of a connected plotline in the last couple of Mission: Impossible films and the fact that the next two movies are being filmed together virtually guaranteed that the story will continue between them.

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One certainly hopes that this will be some of the last filming that will be needed for Mission: Impossible 7. Even with the production delay the movie is set to hit theaters in November of this year, which means the post production period for this one will be abnormally short for a major studio blockbuster. Of course, this movie will likely need significantly fewer CGI effects added after the fact since many of the stunts are practical.

Once filming on Mission: Impossible 7 wraps then production will begin on the eighth instalment. Under the circumstances it would seem like there's a decent chance part eight will be the end of the road for this particular part of the franchise, but that's certainly not confirmed.

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