Sylvester Stallone Shares An Update On His Rocky IV Director’s Cut

Most fans would likely agree that the original Rocky is the best film in the franchise, but it's difficult to ignore the love that so many have for Rocky IV. It likely qualifies as one of most popular movies with fans, and perhaps that's the reason that Sylvester Stallone decided to give that movie the Director's Cut treatment. Stallone has been talking about the project for quite some time, as it evolved from a simple idea to a real project. The movie is still being worked on, and it turns out that work is almost done.

Sylvester Stallone took to Instagram to give Rocky IV fans an update. The post took place at a sound mixing board, because that is where the Rocky IV Director's Cut project is currently at work. This means that the movie is very nearly finished. Check out Stallone's full comments in the video below.

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It was last summer when Sylvester Stallone revealed that he would be working on a new cut of Rocky IV. 2020 was the 35th anniversary of the film and while the new cut wasn't out in time for that anniversary, it looks like it will be ready very soon. Stallone says the movie is in the final stages of mixing the sound, and that's usually one of the final touches put on any movie. So this thing will likely be ready to be seen by the general public very soon.

Of course, what exactly we're going to see with a new cut of Rocky IV is anybody's guess. The only indication that we've received is that Stallone might edit out Paulie's robot, but that's about it. Of course, the fact is that this new Rocky IV might not actually end up all that different from the version we all know. Sylvester Stallone talks about bringing the film "up 35 years in technology" which means a big part of what this new cut is about is likely focused on simply using contemporary technology to make a new version of the film that looks like a more modern movie.

Having said that, the phrase "Director's Cut" certainly indicates change. We could see scenes that were cut from the original release restored, and potentially, as with Stallone's comment about the robot, the removal of elements that were in the original movie. One assumes that Rocky still wins.

A Rocky IV new cut is most interesting because it's something that I don't think a lot of people were really looking for. Frequently, Director's Cuts end up existing because the director had a problem with the final version of the film. The movie that we got was not the one that the director wanted to present. Yet, there's been no indication that's the case with Rocky IV. Everybody seems to love that movie, so the idea of changing could actually do more harm than good. We'll find out very soon.

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