Of Course Michael Che Has Thoughts On Colin Jost Being In HBO Max’s Tom And Jerry

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Ever the class clowns of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, Weekend Update anchors Michael Che and Colin Jost bust each other’s chops as only good friends and co-workers would. So it’s natural to think that maybe there would have been some jokes brewing in Mr. Che’s mind when it was made known that Jost had nabbed a starring role in Warner Bros.’ big Tom and Jerry reboot. While Che certainly had thoughts on the matter, Jost revealed that the jokes will probably be coming at some point later down the line.

This was revealed when CinemaBlend’s own Jeff McCobb interviewed Colin Jost as part of the recent Tom and Jerry press tour. And while it might be a little surprising that there wasn’t more jokes about being the live-action human dropped into the world of animated pet protagonists, Jost’s remarks that Michael Che might just want to wait and focus on specific gags. That, and the shared fandom between the SNL stars just might make for even more devastating punchlines. As he put it,

I think he’ll wait. He’ll wait to see the film before he writes some jokes about me. … He thought it was cool, you know. He liked Tom and Jerry, I like Tom and Jerry growing up too.

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While there’s a lot of animal antics in Tom and Jerry, you need to have some humans to keep things interesting. That’s where Colin Jost’s Ben factors in, as his wedding to fiancee Preeta (Pallavi Sharda) is the constant source of the mishaps that Tom, Jerry, and Kayla (Chloe Moretz-Grace) end up engaging in. If you’re trying to figure out where the jokes are going to go when Michael Che starts writing, you may want to stream the project yourself.

Then again, Tom and Jerry is supposed to be a fast and funny caper where laughter is the aim. Things are supposed to be ridiculous and overblown, getting out of hand at every turn. So maybe instead of jokes between the Weekend Update cohorts, there will be a silent nod of understanding. These two Tom and Jerry fans will have common ground to share, and Colin Jost’s work will be respected as a job well done. Knowing the ever busy Michael Che though, something appropriately savage will probably drop. And Jost, as well as the rest of the SNL audience, will break as a result.

It’s all the more reason to check out Tom and Jerry, as the film is currently in theaters where available, as well as on HBO Max for the first 30 days of release. So if you’re not part of the party already, consider this your opportunity to RSVP to a six month prepaid subscription deal. Formal attire is definitely optional, but sweatpants are a requirement.

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