No Time To Die's New Bond Girl Ana De Armas Details How She Trains For Action Roles

Action movies are hard work, with actors like Ana de Armas needing an intense amount of training to execute action-packed feats of strength convincingly. No Time To Die surely gave the Knives Out actress a workout when it came to the shooting and kicking we’ll see her character Paloma get into. And now, a new unnamed project is giving de Armas even more training for the field, which she has described in great detail in a recent interview.

Speaking with the UK variant of Vogue, Ana de Armas ran through a bunch of topics that were of interest to the publication. Just as the reader was settling into stories about her beauty regimen and meditation, along came the story of a brand-new action movie that’s putting Ms. de Armas through the paces. As you can read below, gunplay is only the beginning of what she’s been up to lately:

I have to prepare for this action film I’m doing with really intense, physical work, training and choreographies. I do it from 9am to 2pm and then I get a break – and then on the weekends I go to the shooting range and I practice shooting with firing arms that I have to use in the film. And some knife training, too. I enjoy it very much – it’s part of the excitement for a new project and playing a part that I haven’t done before.

While it’s not named explicitly in her interview, there’s a good chance that Ana de Armas is practicing her gun and knife skills for Netflix’s own attempt at starting a Bond-style franchise, The Gray Man. Potentially pitting de Armas in another fight-fueled reunion with a Knives Out co-star, this Chris Evans/Ryan Gosling headed film is a part of a potential franchise of espionage thrillers based on books from author Mark Greaney. Though true to form from the last time they worked together, Evans is yet again playing a villain with a penchant for interesting fashion choices.

Depending on the character Ana de Armas is playing, as well as whether or not the most expensive Netflix film production to date does well with audiences, there’s a shot that after No Time To Die, she’ll have an even longer stay in the world of combative spies. So all of the action training from that film, as well as this other project in the works, is going to be of particularly good use for a gig that could become a long-term enterprise. Then again, nothing is certain in the world of entertainment, and it could all be a fun footnote in Ana de Armas’ career overall.

We’ll see soon enough as No Time To Die is scheduled to finally bow in theaters on October 8. But if the recent tide of studios moving their films up by anywhere from a couple weeks to a month is any indication, we might see Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas taking on a bar full of baddies sooner than we think. One can only hope, especially after hearing such exciting developments taking place in the world of Ms. de Armas’ professional duties.

Mike Reyes
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