Should You Be Team Godzilla Or Team King Kong? Director Adam Wingard Has A Great Take

Godzilla vs Kong

The lead up to the big battle in Godzilla vs. Kong has asked fans to pick a side. A lot of the film's promotional material has focused on the idea that everybody should go into the movie either as a part of Team Kong or Team Godzilla. That same promotional material has teased the idea that "one will fall" so this isn';t a semantic argument. You've got a 50% chance of picking the side that loses. As the film's director, one might expect that Adam Wingard might try to remain a neutral party in this whole thing, but apparently that's not the case.

Most people will probably go into Godzilla vs. Kong with their team picked. If this movie is your cup of tea, then you probably are at least somewhat familiar with the history of these characters, and you probably already have a favorite kaiju. Adam Wingard admits that he was a bigger fan of one than the other as he started the project, but it appears his allegiances have changed somewhat. The director recently told Variety...

You can’t help but identify with Kong more. He’s more like us. I’ve always been a bigger Godzilla fan, but I found myself falling in love with Kong in a way that I wasn’t expecting to. I really worried about him. There are certain things in the scripts that came about and were supposed to happen to him and I nixed them. I felt too bad for him.

While it might be somewhat difficult to relate to massive beasts capable of knocking down buildings, Kong, being ultimately a primate, is more relatable than a massive lizard. From the earliest days of the King Kong story the character was always supposed to be more sympathetic. And while Godzilla has grown in that regard over the decades, he was born as a mindless creature of destruction. So, while one can certainly be a bigger fan of that, it's understandable that one might still relate more to Kong as a character.

Except Adam Wingard apparently began to relate so much more to Kong that he apparently changed the movie itself. It sounds like some incredibly awful things might have been planned for the big ape, that the director just decided were too much. It seems unlikely that Kong will be the one that wins this fight simply because Wingard felt bad for him, but it's certainly possible that this is a hint of what is to come.

Between Godzilla and Kong the primate is certainly the underdog. Godzilla is a massive lizard with scales like armor and all sorts of weapons like atomic breath, while Kong is just big and strong.If you're the sort that roots for the underdog, then maybe you'll be on team Kong. Still, Godzilla is a fan favorite for a reason and it's unlikely there will be any lack of support for him.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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