Godzilla Vs. Kong's Director Shares Some Of The Sweet Easter Eggs Fans Have Started Picking Up On

Godzilla vs Kong do battle

As theaters are finally starting to see some action with more big releases, moviegoers can’t help but acknowledge the famous King Kong and Godzilla are coming together in the latest installment of Warner Bros. MonsterVerse, Godzilla vs Kong, which has already hit theaters internationally. As some of the world already has access to the film, fans are starting to notice some easter eggs hidden in the film. Godzilla vs Kong director Adam Wingard has confirmed these easter egg sightings and ha even shared some of them for us.

Adam Wingard says the alleged easter eggs are more of a homage to the older films, specifically the OG King Kong vs Godzilla. In an interview with Screen Rant, the director gave an explanation of one of the “easter eggs” fans have noticed so far. In the director’s own words:

I would say that the Easter eggs are more directly related to the original King Kong vs Godzilla - and I wouldn't even so much call them easter eggs as pretty obvious homages. One of them, obviously, people have seen - which is that the helicopters carrying Kong is a direct homage to the hot air balloon that's carrying them.

Adam Wingard watched all of the previous King Kong and Godzilla films in preparation for Godzilla vs Kong, which is honestly a daunting task. In addition to the homage to previous Kong and Godzilla films, Wingard also snuck some tributes to other iconic films from the ‘80s. In the same interview, the V/H/S filmmaker says we can expect "all kinds of stuff" that pay homage to some major films. The director named just a few that should be enough to get anyone excited:

The homages that I had in the film were more based around ‘80s action movies and blockbuster cinema.Obviously, there's some Jaws stuff; there's a lot of Die Hard; people have started picking up the Lethal Weapon 2 stuff in there. Weirdly, those were more of the Easter eggs, and there's all kinds of stuff in the film.

While it’s clear fans are in for some interesting inserts to the new film in the franchise, most probably knew we were in for something a little different this time around. Adam Wingard is by far a director who finds comfort in the horror genre, and he has an intriguing body of work to show for it. In fact, Godzilla vs Kong will be the biggest production the director has undertaken, as well as his first step outside the horror genre.

This kind of makes a ton of sense, though, because while we don’t necessarily see these types of blockbuster monster movies to be horror anymore, they were certainly made to be when they first starting hitting the big screen. Back when Godzilla and King Kong were new ideas, they were monstrous creatures that were designed to strike fear into audiences These days, horror has shifted into a different beast, and it will be interesting to see a new age horror director like Adam Wingard take on a classic horror concept with other classic easter eggs.

Godzilla vs Kong may be released and thriving in other country’s box offices like China, but it won’t be released until this Wednesday in North America. North Americans can either catch the new monster film in theaters or stream it on HBO Max. But however you watch it, be sure to keep an eye out for a homage or two.

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