Walt Disney World Fired That TikTok User After He Shared Videos Drinking Water From Fountains

While most people go to Walt Disney World to go on rides, my personal favorite thing to do is eat. There are so many great places to get snacks and so many wonderful restaurants full of great food. The biggest problem is that there are so many it's almost impossible to visit them all.It really helps to have somebody else tell you what the best parts of Walt Disney World are so you don't miss anything of note. At this point, nearly every food and drink option in the resort has been tried and compared to every other. Except perhaps one. Somebody has tried every option for water in Disney Springs, including, for some reason, the fountains.

Not like "water fountains" but the major fountains out for decor. The video is quite funny, but apparently Walt Disney World didn't think so, as the man who made the TikTok (and had made several others about the resort) was actually a Cast Member there. According to a follow-up video, he was let go by Disney because of his videos, including this one. Check out the "offending" TikTok below.


Is it shocking that the water fountains found at Disney Springs don't have great tasting water? Probably not. I mean, I suppose it's good to know that the water at the T-Rex Cafe is better than the water at the Coke store, if you're looking for free water that is also really tasty. Still, the whole thing is pretty funny, though apparently not everybody at Walt Disney World was laughing.

At the same time, none of this is to say that there's not valuable information to be had here. The wide range of scores even among water found in restaurants is quite interesting, as you'd think it's all coming from the same source. Also, the fact that the Rainforest Cafe fountain water is on par or better than some of the "normal" water options either says a great deal about the Rainforest Cafe, or a great deal about those other places. People seriously love the Earl of Sandwich and this is just one more reason why I don't understand that. It's not like it's PizzeRizzo.

It's more than a little surprising that Walt Disney World would let somebody go over a video like this that was clearly designed to just be fun. It's possible that another video, where the man is able to walk into a DIsney World wedding chapel when it's supposed to be closed, was the bigger offender, but according to the story Jason tells, both that and this water drinking video were the ones cited when he was let go.

Hopefully the guy will land on his feet. He's certainly built a solid social media following and more than one person has been able to turn that into a career.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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