Apparently No One Told The Knives Out Twitter Account About The Netflix Deal

Yesterday some huge movie news dropped when we learned that Rian Johnson's popular Knives Out would not only be receiving the one sequel we already knew about, but at least one more movie. Not only that, but both films would debut on Netflix, as the streaming giant shelled out a reported $450 million for the rights to the films. This is great news for fans of the first movie, but there may be at least one person (or a few people) for whom this is maybe not the best news: the person who runs the official Knives Out Twitter account.

Exactly who is behind the Knives Out Twitter is unknown. It could be a single individual or more than one person. All we know is that ever since the first movie came out, the Twitter feed has been a near constant source of joy. Whether it was just gazing longingly at Chris Evans in a sweater, feuding with Ana de Armas fans for unspecified reasons, or just otherwise having fun, the Twitter account has almost always had a funny take worth checking out-- even more than a year after the film's release. However, the news of the sequels and the Netflix deal apparently weren't shared with the account beforehand, and it looks like the Twitter account might be changing hands.

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The joke is no less funny, because we've come to expect that. Still, it's also sort of sad. The implication here is pretty clear; with Netflix now taking over the franchise, the streaming service will likely have the rights to the official Knives Out Twitter account as part of the deal. And Netflix will more than likely want to use their own internal social media team to manage that account. This means that whoever has been providing us with entertainment for the last year and a half is probably on the way out.

It's barely possible this is all part of a joke, because that's sort of what this Twitter account has been doing, but you'd think that the official Knives Out Twitter would be used to promote the fact that the sequels are on the way and everything. And yet that didn't really happen. The news of the sequels appears to have taken those running the account legitimately by surprise. Two hours before the above tweet, when the news first broke, this was what the account initially posted.

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One assumes that however the Twitter account is handled going forward, the people behind it will likely try to keep the tone consistent. It worked, after all. But it remains to be seen how well that will really work. Will the Twitter account continue to be one of the better accounts surrounding a film that we have? On the plus side, with at least two more movies on the way, whoever takes over will have plenty of time to find the right voice.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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