John Cena’s Doing Random Interviews In Full Suicide Squad Costume, And James Gunn Can’t Get Enough

When The Suicide Squad debuts in theaters and on HBO Max, one of the many new characters we will meet will be Peacemaker, played by John Cena. Peacemaker promises to be an important part of the film if only because in addition to seeing him on the big screen, Cena is currently filming a prequel series for HBO Max. This has resulted in the actor doing interviews while in costume, even when those interviews have nothing to do with The Suicide Squad. It looks pretty hilarious, and nobody is laughing harder than director James Gunn.

John Cena is literally in the middle of filming the new series that will act as an origin story for his The Suicide Squad character. Given the release of the first trailer for the film, there are certainly going to be questions about the movie that Cena will be asked. But that doesn't mean he needs to talk about it while in costume. Cena recently appeared on TNT's NBA post game show, and honestly the new DC movie was not the main focus of the conversation. He spoke to Shaq about professional wrestling and he hyped up the game show he's co-hosting, but he did it all while dressed as Peacemaker and James Gunn is loving it.

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I guess that since John Cena is probably doing these interviews during breaks in filming the new Peacemaker series it's just too much work to change his clothes when he stops filming to do an interview. We often hear about just how difficult some of these superhero costumes are to get in and out of, and while the Peacemaker costume doesn't look all that bad, maybe taking it off just to put it back on again is more trouble than it's worth. Although Cena certainly looks pretty comfortable in the suit, which is good, since he's been wearing it for a while and will be for at least some time to come.

It wouldn't have been all that shocking if John Cena had been asked to wear the costume in interviews. He is filming the series and with the release of the first trailer, the big marketing push for The Suicide Squad has begun. Simply seeing Cena in the outfit is a way to help promote all of that without even having to say anything. He can talk about professional wrestling or his game show and still do his part to market his movie. People will notice what he's wearing and almost subconsciously make the connection.

However, James Gunn swears this is not official policy. And that does just make it hilarious to see Peacemaker just hanging out with Shaq talking about pro wrestling. This is probably going to look pretty normal for awhile so get used to seeing Peacemaker promote Wipeout for the next few weeks.

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