10 Harry Potter Moments We Want From Hermione's Perspective

Hermione Granger in _Harry Potter_

Alright, let’s be honest – without Hermione, everything in Harry Potter would have fallen apart.

I mean, she was the glue that held that trio together. Even when Harry and Ron would fight. When they had no idea what to do and her smart brain came up with a solution. Even when she literally did a spell on the first train ride to Hogwarts. Hermione's the brightest witch of her age, and she shows it.

Often, I wonder what would happen if readers got to see the books from Hermione's perspective, how she felt about certain things. Recently, Stephenie Meyer released Midnight Sun, a book that retells Twilight from Edward’s perspective, and it got me thinking: What if the readers saw Harry Potter from a completely different perspective other than Harry’s? And what if that was Hermione?

These are the some of the moments in the series that we’d love to see from one Miss Hermione Granger, from all the way in the beginning to the very end.

Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Hermione Finding Out She’s A Witch

I feel like for Hermione finding out she was a witch was a bit of a big deal. She’s a muggleborn, so it’s not like wizardry runs in the family or anything. And considering she had probably never heard of it before, she would be understandably shocked when she found out.

But as we have seen, she performed a spell on the very first day, which meant she for sure would have practiced for hours after finding out. Knowing Hermione, she’d get right into her studies. But what was her initial reaction when she learned the news?

Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter series

Hermione Visiting Diagon Alley For The First Time

I have a feeling that Hermione's reaction to visiting Diagon Alley for the first time would be very similar to Harry's – utter wonderment and staring at everything that the magic world had to offer. Although I have a feeling she would instantly go to the bookstore first instead of any other store in the famous wizardry shopping area. How fun would it be to get to see Hermione's first visit to the secret magical place as she collects her supplies and gets her wand for the start of Hogwarts?

Time-Turner in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Using The Time-Turner To Get To All Her Classes In Prisoner Of Azkaban

Bits and pieces of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban from Hermione's perspective? Utter chaos. It would be beautiful. Hermione is obviously very bright and knows her way around magic, but the time-turner is a very delicate piece of machinery. It would be quite hilarious to watch this barely teenage girl try and figure her way out around this literal device that controls time – just so she can take a few extra classes during her third year at Hogwarts. Shame we never got to see it again after the third book.

Remus Lupin as a werewolf

Hermione Discovering That Lupin Is A Werewolf (And Keeping It A Secret)

Speaking of Prisoner of Azkaban, I still can’t believe that no one in Hermione’s class was able to recognize the fact that Lupin was a werewolf before her, but it seems right up her alley to be able to do so.

And imagine – finding out that your Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher is actually the creature that he (and Snape) is teaching about, but you can’t tell anyone that because you want him to keep his job – ugh, I’m stressed out just thinking about it. I’d love to hear her mental state on that.

Hermione and Viktor Krum

Getting To Know Viktor Krum

We didn’t really get to see much of Hermione and Viktor's friendship/relationship in the books. We really only know that Viktor was a nice guy to her and brought her to the Yule Ball in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but he was also pretty dense.

I think for someone like Hermione, she deserves someone better than Viktor, but that doesn’t change the fact that he was a nice guy and we didn’t really learn to understand who he was or how he and Hermione connected. Maybe Hermione would have known more about him than any of us. It’d be nice to understand their dynamic.

Dobby in the Harry Potter series

S.P.E.W. (The Society For The Promotion Of Elfish Welfare)

Man, I hated S.P.E.W. Like I really hated it.

I thought it was such a waste of plot and deviated from the main story of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire so much. But, I have a feeling that if we got to see it from Hermione’s perspective, I would, at the very least, develop an appreciation for the devotion that she put into this, and not think that the whole entire book was changed by this random civil rights act from Hermione.

It’s not like much will change – I’d still find it completely random – but it would be nice to see her take on it considering she is the one who came up with it.

Ron and Hermione in the movies.

The Whole Lavender/Ron Situation (Really Ron/Hermione Altogether)

Okay, I know that people say that Ron and Hermione are much cuter in the books together and there are plenty of moments they cut out of the movies, and while I can agree with that, I still want to see what she sees in Ron.

Yes, he’s a good friend and all, but they have fought so often on such little things and yet Hermione still wants him. I want to see her mindset on the Weasley boy. I want to see how she felt when Ron was dating Lavender. When Ron was getting flirted with. When they were just beginning their relationship. I want to see it all.

Maybe that’s just the romantic in me, but I need to make sense of this couple, and I have a feeling seeing it from Hermione's eyes would help.

Hermione erasing her parent's minds

Hermione Erasing Her Parents' Memories Of Her

I mean, of course. I can’t have a list like this without bringing up this heartbreaking scene that seemed to be glazed over in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Think about this for a second. Hermione is willingly erasing her parents' memories of her so they can be safe, and she doesn’t know if she’ll be able to find them or not, and if she does, if she’ll be able to recover them because it’s such an advanced spell.

That has to mess with someone’s mind to go through something like that. I know it would mess with mine. I’d love to see how Hermione thinks and feels in this scenario, and what her troubles are. I think it would be the first time we ever see Hermione truly conflicted, and it would be intriguing to witness that change.

The Battle of Hogwarts

Hermione During The Battle of Hogwarts

I one hundred and million percent agree that the Battle of Hogwarts was much better in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book than in the movie. It seems like it’s so much more detailed and there’s so much more stuff going on than we could ever see in the movie, but I’d love to see how Hermione felt during the whole entire battle.

The spells she would constantly think up, the situations she would run into, how she saved Lavender’s body from one of the Death Eaters and what that must have been like to experience. When Harry went into the Forbidden Forest. The emotions would be everywhere, and I am here for it.

19 years later in the movies

Hermione In The “19 Years Later” Epilogue

This is purely for me to wonder how Hermione's life is going. I know that she ended up working at the ministry and is still the brightest witch of her age, but I want to know how her marriage to Ron has gone, how her children have grown, how she got her parent’s memories back (which, again, was glossed over in the books). There are so many questions and I wish I could have them all answered.

While I do doubt there will be a book like this in the near future, it’s always fun to wonder what could happen. What character’s perspective would you like to see that isn't Harry?

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