Black Adam’s Aldis Hodge Got Seriously Ripped For Hawkman

Aldis Hodge in The Invisible Man

Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam has been a project on Warner Bros. list of priorities since before many of the DC movies that have actually been released. We knew he was working on something for DC as far back as 2014. But now, after so many years, that movie is finally going to truly go into production. The cast is being filled out, as Pierce Brosnan was recently announced as joining the cast as Dr. Fate. But other members of the supporting cast like Aldis Hodge have been hard at work for months; the actor who will be Hawkman recently showed off his hard work, and it's impressive.

Even Dwayne Johnson, who is perpetually in amazing shape, has been working hard to bring something extra special to Black Adam. So Aldis Hodge certainly was going to need to hit the gym in order to get in Hawkman shape. The actor recently took to social media to say that, while the work has been hard, he loves it overall, and there's not much else to say except the dude is ripped. Check it out.

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This part of Hawkman prep is certainly tougher than the other prep Aldis Hodge has been doing in recent months: reading comic books. Still, he's doing a ton of work to prepare for playing Hawkman. Clearly Hodge hasn't been skimping on the workouts based on this image. We've seen many actors go through this sort of transformation for superhero roles. While many actors keep themselves in fairly decent shape, this is another level of workout that only those like Dwayne Johnson keep up on a regular basis. But once they do it, many seem to fall in love with it-- and Hodge looks no different here.

It's good that Aldis Hodge is almost where he needs to be to play Hawkman, as he's set to go in front of cameras very soon. The most recent news on Black Adam is that filming will start sometime this month. The movie was given an official release date of July 2022 just a few days ago. The announcement was made in the sort of epic fashion that we've all come to accept from Dwayne Johnson.

While it's unclear exactly what the plan is for Dwayne Johnson's character after Black Adam, the expectation is that the character will be back. Traditionally Black Adam is a foe to Shazam, who has already been introduced to DC's cinematic universe. Black Adam the movie comes out a year before the sequel to Shazam!, Fury of the Gods. It's possible we could see Black Adam again as early as that, or perhaps more likely, Fury of the Gods and Black Adam together will set up a confrontation (or possibly a team up?) somewhere down the road.

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