Why All We Got Was Leg In Katherine Schwarzenegger And Chris Pratt’s Latest Baby Lyla Post

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Months after her birth, the public has yet to see Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt’s daughter Lyla’s face. Many fans have been itching to see her face, but Schwarzenegger and Pratt haven’t yielded to that pressure. The couple has made it their mission to maintain their daughter’s privacy. Schwarzenegger gave some insight into why all the public got was a leg in her latest baby Lyla post.

Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt have done a fantastic job of keeping their daughter’s face hidden. In the age of social media, their approach to shielding their daughter from the public is refreshing, but also may be confusing for some fans, as other celebrities are open about their kids. Even though the public hasn’t seen their daughter’s face, followers have seen other parts of Lyla’s body. The couple’s ways of showing their daughter off been adorable and creative. Check out Katherine Schwarzenegger’s latest Instagram post featuring Lyla below:

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Katherine Schwarzenegger spoke with NBC’s Today with Hoda and Jenna on why keeping her daughter’s face off social media is important to her and Chris Pratt. She mentioned her upbringing as the child of two famous parents herself. Schwarzenegger explained how her parents, newscaster Maria Shriver and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, protected her and her siblings’ privacy:

I didn't grow up with social media being a thing at all, so it's a little bit different in that way just because I feel like we share so much in today's world. But I think one of the greatest gifts that my parents ever gave me and my siblings is the gift of privacy and having a really normal upbringing, or as normal of an upbringing as possible. So, we had a really normal and magical childhood, and we were allowed to be our own people and have our own identity and kind of choose to step into whatever form of being public we wanted to whenever we were comfortable.

Given how famous her parents are, it’s impressive how humble and gracious Katherine Schwarzenegger is. Looking at how unproblematic Schwarzenegger and her siblings are, I would have to say Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger did an amazing job keeping their children out of the spotlight. Keeping in mind her parents’ status in Hollywood, the media and politics could’ve produced entitlement or other traits. It's even more incredible Schwarzenegger and Shriver were able to keep them away from the limelight given they grew up in a paparazzi city like LA.

Katherine Schwarzenegger praised her parents for giving her and her siblings some anonymity. She went on to explain how her upbringing influenced hers and Chris Pratt’s parenting:

That was such an incredible gift to have given us kids. It’s something that’s really important to my husband [Chris Pratt] and I to be able to give to our kids. To be able to have that privacy and not necessarily show as much of them on social media. It’s really important to us.

Katherine Schwarzenegger’s famous parents let their children be children despite being the offspring of a Kennedy and a blockbuster action star. I can see that approach in Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt’s Instagram feeds. While social media has been a great tool for connection, the couple is right to shield their daughter (and their future children). At only a few months old, Lyla deserves the right to her privacy, especially with two famous parents. Even though people still haven’t seen her face, Schwarzenegger and Pratt do give the public a peek of their daughter’s head from time to time. Check out a recent Instagram post from Katherine Schwarzenegger as proof:

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Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt’s approach is commendable given how much some celebs love to overshare on social media. It’s nice that the couple wants to shield their children from the spotlight until their children decide to enter public life. Like any parent, they want well-adjusted and grounded children. Hopefully, they’ll be able to keep this up until Lyla is ready to join social media.

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