How Chris Pratt Navigated Jurassic World Quarantine Protocols To Be There For The Birth Of His Baby

Chris Pratt back for Jurassic World Dominion

There was big news in Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger’s household this past week as the happy couple welcomed their first baby together, a little girl they named Lyla. The news and subsequent announcement post were both adorable, but there were some unanswered questions related to the birth of the baby. Namely, what the heck did that mean for Chris Pratt and Jurassic World: Dominion?

Well now we have some answers. Tucked away in a New York Times interview about safety protocols on one of the biggest movies that is currently filming right now, was talk of Chris Pratt and what the outlet called a “complication.” Obviously, the third Jurassic World film needed to get back to filming as soon as it was safely able, but due to shutdowns and reopenings, Chris Pratt was seen back at work with his co-star Bryce Dallas Howard just before the birth of his newborn with Katherine Schwarzenegger.

You know what I’m talking about. Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt shared looks at doing stunts on the set of Jurassic World: Dominion. Howard was even egged on by Pratt to share the look with fans, given there’s not a lot that is fair game to share right now and also those bruises were just badass. But then he was expected in California for the birth of his baby just a short time later. How could this safely be worked out?

Apparently, Universal worked with the British government to get film actors deemed “essential” workers so that they could come into the country and get to work immediately rather than the 14-day quarantine period that is a must for most people getting on an airplane and traveling from country to country right now. Which is how Chris Pratt will be able to get back to work shortly after travel coming up.

Initially, after Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Pratt and the rest of the gang filmed for three weeks, Pratt left the set and returned home—just in time to be with his wife and their little one. He’s due back on set in September and will film in both Malta and at Pinewood Studios, where the majority of Jurassic World: Dominion will be shot. Presumably, the scheduling was worked out so the movie could film other scenes during his weeks-long absence from set.

Going straight from a plane to a set might seem a little iffy, but actors who are spending more time in close quarters are getting tested constantly. Three times a week, in fact. There are other rigorous safety protocols in place, but this is certainly a little different than how the NBA is handling quarantine if for any familial reason a player has to exit the bubble in Orlando. So, hopefully all strategies will be effective and entertainment can remain safe.

Meanwhile, it’s great that both Jurassic World: Dominion was able to keep filming at Pinewood Studios and that the movie was able to accommodate Chris Pratt leaving for the baby’s birth due to very clear safety precautions and plans. He’s contractually obligated to film the movie, but no one wants to miss the birth of the kid, even if it means crazy travel during a crazy time.

As for Jurassic World: Dominion, the movie schedule has changed quite a bit in recent months, but right now the movie is on track to hit its June 11, 2021 release. By then, Chris Pratt's baby won't even be a baby anymore!

Jessica Rawden
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