Chris Pratt Seemingly Wrapped Thor: Love And Thunder Just In Time For Another Important Family Event

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Filming Thor: Love and Thunder in Australia have been going smoothly for Taka Waititi and the crew. He along with sequel stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson was joined by the Guardians of the Galaxy cast. This meant Hemsworth was joined by his fellow Chris – Chris Pratt. Filming wrapped for the Guardians as Pratt booked it back to the U.S. Wrapping his portion of the film worked out just in time as the actor was able to witness an important family event.

Chris Pratt’s part in Thor: Love and Thunder has been kept under wraps. How he and the rest of the Guardians cast will play in the Thor: Ragnarok sequel remains unknown. But their part in the movie will presumably be minimal, as Thor: Love and Thunder just began filming in January. For any Chris Pratt fan, it is well known the actor’s main priorities are his faith and family outside of doing big-budget blockbusters. Pratt’s part wrapped just in time as a family event took place on his ranch in the U.S. He took to Instagram to announce the birth of three lambs on his property, check out Pratt’s cute IG Story below:

Chris Pratt’s Instagram story marked another major moment on the Stillwater Ranch. Getting a glimpse into Pratt’s life on his farm spoke to the actor’s blue-collar roots. Part of Pratt’s appeal has always been that of someone who knows of a life outside of Hollywood. He generally comes across as a lovable, relatable guy who just puts his family above anything else. The ranch has served as a haven for him when not on a film set. The actor has managed to maintain his private life outside of Hollywood, with the exception being headlines about his divorce and new family.

The birth of new lambs on his ranch hasn’t been the only birth Chris Pratt has celebrated in recent months. In Aug. 2020, Pratt and his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger welcomed their first child as confirmed by her brother. Pratt even followed safety protocols on Jurassic World: Dominion to take part in the birth. But unlike the baby lambs, the couple still hasn’t revealed their baby to the public.

Still, they have continued to post on social media, including Schwarzenegger’s birthday. As their followers wait for the couple to reveal their little one, the two have found creative ways to keep their daughter away from social media despite Pratt revealing her name.

His new daughter and lambs aren’t the only exciting things Chris Pratt has experience in recent months. As previously mentioned, he recently wrapped up Thor: Love and Thunder as well as Jurassic World: Dominion. Despite all this goodwill, the actor was the recent subject of a Twitter scandal over some offensive tweets, which were later proven to be fake.

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