Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals He Thought Terminator 2 Scared His Daughter Away From Actors Like Chris Pratt

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his new(ish) son-in-law Chris Pratt have seemed to get along pretty well in the time since he started wooing the famous actor’s daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger. However, this week during a Kindergarten Cop reunion, the actor admitted that he never thought Katherine would end up with an actor, and his famous flick Terminator 2 is to blame for this impression.

Apparently, when Arnold Schwarzenegger was at the height of his fame, he used to bring then-wife Maria Shriver and their kids to the sets of some of his big movies. Katherine Schwarzenegger never took it well, and he recalled during Yahoo’s Kindergarten Cop reunion that Katherine never really preferred going to movie sets and seeing her famous dad at work.

I’m really proud of my daughters. Katherine is a winner. I mean, I never, ever thought that my daughter is going to marry an actor. I said to myself, she would probably be sick and tired of me dragging them to sets, having them watch me blowing up buildings and killing people, all this stuff. My kids always enjoyed it, but Katherine, she was crying, always, the first few movies.

More specifically, Arnold Schwarzenegger recalled one set incident on the second Terminator film that really stuck out to him. Katherine Schwarzenegger and her mom had come to visit the set of Terminator 2 and experienced her dad in all of his wild makeup for the movie, which didn't go over well.

Maria would come out to the set when we were in the middle of shooting Terminator 2. And so she saw me when half of the face was gone and the eye was lighting up and all that. All this kind of weird makeup, so she started screaming and crying on the set because she didn’t understand why daddy looked like that… but anyway, now she married an actor and Chris is a fantastic guy. So easy to get along with, and so I am really happy because he has been such a really wonderful, wonderful husband to her and such a great son-in-law.

It wasn’t just Katherine Schwarzenegger whom he thought would avoid actors. Another story about the set of True Lies detailed his other daughter Christina freaking out when her dad was shot at as part of that movie’s plot. With all these remembrances in mind, at the end of the day, he really just never saw Katherine going for an actor. That is, until Chris Pratt came along.

The two met through Maria Shriver and started dating publicly in 2018. They married in 2019 and just had a little one, a girl named Lyla Maria Schwarzenegger Pratt, earlier this year.

Marrying an actor does still come with its challenges. Katherine Schwarzenegger’s brother Patrick Schwarzenegger detailed earlier this year that it was a challenge for his sister at home while Chris Pratt was off and filming Jurassic World: Dominion in 2020. The actor called the experience of being at home with a little one and in isolation during Covid-19 “tough” on his sister while the movie filmed. Luckily it has wrapped now, though Chris Pratt is still quite in-demand as an actor and has work on Thor: Love and Thunder in the works.

All in all, Arnold Schwarzenegger seems happy his daughter landed with an actor, even if she may still have nightmares from the sets of the films she grew up on. The good news is that Chris Pratt hasn’t had to deal with too-wild makeup on set yet. So perhaps he'll be able to spare Lyla and his son Jack (with Anna Faris) a similar experience.

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