The Schwarzenegger Clan Surprised Mom Maria Shriver With A Cake Featuring Lenny Kravitz's Abs

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Patrick Schwarzenegger’s been making the rounds to promote Echo Boomers recently, which is good timing given people are interested in his famous sister Katherine’s new baby and his famous mom Maria Shriver’s birthday recently. Speaking on the latter topic, the actor revealed to Andy Cohen that the Schwarzenegger clan gave their mom an “embarrassing” birthday gift this year, creating a cake featuring Lenny Kravitz’s abs.

Photos went around on the Internet this week featuring Maria Shriver celebrating with a very innocuous cake with sprinkles on it. However, according to Patrick Schwarzenegger there was also a joke cake featuring imagery from Lenny Kravitz on the cover of Men’s Health just a few weeks ago. He told Andy Cohen:

But we surprised her with a birthday cake of a big photo of Lenny's abs on her birthday cake. Which was really funny. I wish I had my phone on me. I would show you a photo. It was an amazing photo of him. I forgot what magazine, but she loved it. So we did it as a joke and just put it on her as the face of the cake for her birthday. And she was so embarrassed by it, but it was really funny.

Weirdly, the reason Patrick Schwarzenegger told this story on Watch What Happens live is because Andy Cohen mentioned recently that the always-delightful Hoda Kotb was trying to hook up Lenny Kravitz with Maria Shriver while on the talk show. Cohen asked if the cake joke had happened because of Hoda’s comments, but hilariously it was unrelated. Her kids had just seen Lenny’s abs on the cover of Men’s Health and thought it would make for a great birthday cake topping.

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Look, Lenny Kravitz isn’t the only dude in Hollywood notable for his career and his abs, but abs are certainly a part of the singer's brand identity. They were front and center on the cover of his 10th studio album Strut and teased on several of his other albums, including his Greatest Hits. He’s been shirtless on magazine covers and on stages around the world. Sometimes he’s shirtless just for fun. Suffice to say, his abs are no one hit wonder.

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Patrick Schwarzenegger also did an interview with Today this week (another Hoda connection) where he talked about how his mom is a stickler for manners and rules, so it’s a little surprising this was the type of joke her kids would pull for her birthday. However, given her son’s comments, it seems she took the cake pretty well, even if she did find the whole thing embarrassing.

Now, I just hope that cake picture makes it out into the universe some day. Meanwhile, Lenny, if you’re out there reading this, Patrick Schwarzenegger does believe you could very well be a good fit for his mom. Just relaying that bit of info.

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