Watch One TikTok User's Husband Fake Propose At Disney World Over And Over Because He Knows She Hates A Scene

Magic Kingdom Fireworks at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is supposed to be the most magical place on earth, and so it's no surprise that countless couples have chosen the resort as a place to get engaged, get married, honeymoon, or in many cases, all of the above. Having said that, while some might love a big public proposal at a special place, not everybody loves it. Everybody needs to be on the same page, when it comes to the big spectacle. Although, for one couple, the fact that one of them really hates to make a scene is exactly why her significant other decided to propose to her multiple times, even though they were already engaged.

Tiktok user Kelly Levery posted a montage to the social media video site that shows her husband pretending to propose to her all over Walt Disney World specifically because he knew it would drive her crazy. If you've ever been at Walt Disney World or any other public place where somebody is proposing, it's difficult not to get swept up in the whole experience, and so certainly any one of these could have built a crowd which would have put her on the spot in a big way. Check out the video below.


The whole thing is pretty funny if only because he justs keeps going with the joke long past when it would otherwise seem to be very funny. At first, the woman seems to be legitimately terrified, but after a while she just brushes him off and almost completely ignores him, which is maybe even funnier. Eventually she realizes what he's about to do before he even does it and she's brushing off the proposal before it happens. One can imagine being in line for an attraction and seeing an apparent proposal that results in the woman just giving the guy a look and ignoring him. What would you even think?

Speaking as somebody who was also told that public proposals were right out, but who also did propose while on vacation at Walt Disney World, I can appreciate this entire thing. Honestly, she takes the whole thing in stride rather well. If I were to try and make a similar joke I'm pretty sure nobody would find it even the least bit funny. I would probably get ditched in the theme park. Whether the proposal is real or fictional, it still makes you the center of attention and puts you in a potentially awkward situation, which is exactly what so many want to avoid in the first place.

The post mentions that the couple will be back in the park later this summer. Considering that this video has now gone viral, it would not be shocking to see something else now come from that trip. More proposals in awkward places? Maybe something entirely new but equally silly? We shall see.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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