Mission: Impossible’s Simon Pegg Cuddles With Shirtless Tom Cruise In New Set Photo

Simon Pegg and Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

Two Mission: Impossible movies are currently in production. Many of the same cast and crew from previous installments are back, and the current production is likely keeping much of the cast and crew in some sort of bubble. As such, one can imagine that everybody on the set gets to know each other well potentially becoming close in the process. But apparently they're all so close that cuddling between shots has become standard practice. At least that's what Simon Pegg is claiming, and he has the shirtless Tom Cruise picture to prove it.

Simon Pegg shared an image to Instagram which, at least according to the hashtag, isn't from the current Mission: Impossible production, but is actually from the set of Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. Wherever it's from, it's a great picture as it shows a shirtless Tom Cruise with Simon Pegg curled up on one side of him, and Rebecca Ferguson on the other. Pegg is the only one who appears to be fully clothed. Make of all this what you will.

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Simon Pegg jokes that this is a "standard formation" so we can only assume that this is happening on the current Mission: Impossible set in between every shot. Everybody really does look quite happy and relaxed here, so clearly this is working. One can only assume this is where Tom Cruise went to calm down after he allegedly blew up at some crew members who weren't social distancing last year. He probably felt much better afterward.

The rest of us will likely feel much better once we're actually able to see a new Mission: Impossible movie again. The next film is currently set to hit theaters in November, with the next film currently set for a year after that. At this point, it feels like theatrical distribution is only improving, and so it seems likely that by November a lot of people will be vaccinated and there will be a lot more confidence in doing things like going to movie theaters.

Considering this particular franchise's focus on practical actions sequences, this is certainly going to be one movie series that a lot of people will want to check out on the big screen. Watching Tom Cruise do an actual HALO jump just isn't the same thing when you're watching on television.

If the studio is feeling confident about Mission: Impossible 7's November release then the biggest thing that means in the short term is that we might actually get a chance to see it before too long. The world has been awfully short on movie trailers in recent months because studio's don't want to market movies that might not actually get released. But it feels like we could see a trailer for the new Mission: Impossible soon, and that will get fans really excited.

Dirk Libbey
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