Mission: Impossible 7’s Director Gives Update On Trailer For Tom Cruise’s Movie

Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Movie fans have been starving for our big budget tentpole product for a year. Nearly every release that has been expected to do well at the box office has seen delays. And with those impending releases still seemingly int he air, promotion of them has also stalled. We're not seeing trailers for movies until maybe a couple of months before they come out, because nobody wants to spend the time and money to make a trailer for a movie now that then gets pushed back to next year. This probably explains why we're all still waiting for the first trailer for Mission: Impossible 7.

The next Mission: Impossible movie is set to open in November, about eight months from now, which is probably still a little bit outside the normal range of when we would expect to see a trailer. Most studios would be diving into promoting their big summer blockbusters right now, but it wouldn't be entirely crazy if we got a brief teaser at some point. And of course, fans of the Tom Cruise franchise are asking for just that. But don't expect to see a Mission: Impossible 7 trailer anytime soon. Director Christopher McQuarrie says even he hasn't seen such a thing yet.

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Under the circumstances, it's probably a bit early to be looking for a trailer for the simple reason that Mission: Impossible 7 is still actively filming as we speak. One assumes post-production is hard at work on the footage that's already been shot, so a trailer of some kind could probably be made from the footage. Still, it will be much easier to craft a trailer once all the footage is available to work with.

Of course, this assumes that Mission: Impossible 7 still comes out in November as planned. Normally on major tentpole films shooting wraps up about a year before a film's actual release. That amount of time is needed to get all the post-production work done. We're already only about eight months out from this movie's release and filming, while it is probably very close to wrapping up, isn't done yet.

The fact that Tom Cruise likes to do his own stunts, and the Mission: Impossible movies do as much as possible practically has always been a draw for fans who love to see that kind of action. And in this case it might also be a major boon to the production as a whole. Practical stunts means less use of green screen and other digital effects, which in turn means less time needed in post. If this was a more CGI heavy franchise, it seems unlikely it would be able to open this November.

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