Thor: Love And Thunder’s Chris Hemsworth Shares Photo Down Under Including Matt Damon

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There are a lot of reasons, even this early, to believe that Thor: Love and Thunder could be the best Thor movie ever. Ultimately it has all the best pieces of the previous films. Taika Waititi is back to direct after Thor: Ragnarok, but if you missed Natalie Portman's Jane Foster in that film, don't fret because she'll be back as well. There have also been indications that we could see even more returns as there is reason to believe Jeff Goldblum could be back, and now it seems that another, perhaps surprising, big-name actor could also be appearing in Matt Damon.

Matt Damon appeared in a brief cameo in Thor: Ragnarok, playing an actor playing Loki in a play being put on for Odin, who was actually Loki. It was a hilarious cameo and now, one wonders if we might see another as it seems that Damon is down in Australia hanging out with the star and the director of Thor: Love and Thunder, at least according to the Instagram of Chris Hemsworth.

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As with the news that Jeff Goldblum was seen hanging out with the cast of Thor: Love and Thunder, one has to wonder if Matt Damon being here is just a case of a guy getting a picture while hanging out with friends because he was in the neighborhood, or if it means there is work being done. In the above picture, which does look like a pretty sick album cover, Damon almost looks like he's trying to pretend he's not even there. Although really that could just be an attempt to make the album cover look work better.

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However, Matt Damon was more than willing to show his face in another of Chris Hemsworth's Instagram pictures, as the two watched a UFC fight together. Maybe Damon was just in town and the pair decided to watch some TV together. That's certainly possible, but it would seem to be awfully coincidental.

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If we're not going to see a collection of appearances from previous Thor: Ragnarok actors like Jeff Goldblum and Matt Damon then clearly this whole thing is just some sort of Taika Waititi-inspired joke designed specifically to make us think that such things are happening. The idea that this is all just the director having a laugh should not be discounted out of hand, that certainly could be the case, but the more likely scenario would still seem to be that Matt Damon could appear in Thor: Love and Thunder. I mean, all things considered it's likely that the character is trying to make a living as an actor in New Asgard.

I for one certainly hope we do see Matt Damon's return. That scene in Thor: Ragnarok was hilarious and it turns out Matt Damon is really good at acting like a bad actor.

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