Godzilla Vs. Kong Director Hilariously Explains Absence Of Charles Dance

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While the MonsterVerse may have its fair share of serialized world building and storytelling, there are quite a few characters whose stories have yet to be concluded in Godzilla vs. Kong. One such loose end is the primary antagonist from Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Alan Jonah, played by Game of Thrones legend Charles Dance. Well, if you were wondering why this particular character didn’t appear in this year’s monstrous hit, director Adam Wingard has an answer that just might make you laugh.

This supposed mystery was solved during Wingard’s big Reddit Q&A that saw him dish on everything from the Friday the 13th movie that inspired one particular Kong kill to Alan Jonah’s fate. From the looks of his final appearance in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, one would have thought that Jonah would have returned to try and meddle with the affairs of Titans even more. However, this is where Charles Dance’s character ended up, according to Adam Wingard:

Godzilla stepped on him in between movies unfortunately. But seriously I love Charles Dance. One of my favorite actors.

At the end of what is supposedly his final moments in the MonsterVerse, we saw Charles Dance’s anti-Titan baddie buying the Ghidorah skull left over from one of Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ monster battle set pieces. Sadly, that wasn’t enough to save him from getting taken out by some atomic justice, as Adam Wingard jokingly suggested that Godzilla literally stomped out one of his greatest threats. Of course, even Wingard himself suggests that he’s joking, though there’s apparently more to the story.

Early on in the Godzilla vs. Kong novelization’s version of events, a man who isn’t explicitly named sells Walter Simmons two out of a potential three high ticket items. The entire exchange is cryptic, as it’s obviously starting off the plot that would eventually reveal those items to be Ghidorah skulls crucial to Apex Cybernetics’ big Mechagodzilla project. So putting together the context clues of this man’s cold appearance, and the wares he’s selling, it looks like Alan Jonah could have played a bit part in the first act of Godzilla vs. Kong, offloading his ill-gotten goods for a hefty sum.

Officially, it looks like Alan Jonah is another one of those mysteries that will be left in the shadows, unless future MonsterVerse installments revisit his character’s shady legacy. And if all we’re going to get is Adam Wingard’s joke about Godzilla squashing this rather vile villain, it honestly feels like as poetic an ending as we could ever expect. Though, could it have hurt to let Godzilla learn how to use a crossbow in the process?

You don’t need to have seen Godzilla vs. Kong in order to appreciate that story, but if you’re excited to watch Titans have a smashing good time, you can do just that. If you feel safe to go back to movie theaters, then that’s a prime option for getting this excitement in your eyeballs. Though if you’re an HBO Max subscriber, or looking for a good offer to convince you to take that leap, you’ll have until April 30th to watch Godzilla vs. Kong from your very own couch.

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