Fast And Furious' Vin Diesel And Jordana Brewster Have A Nice 'Family' Exchange On Her Birthday

Jordana Brewster as Mia Toretto in Fast and Furious 9

Fast & Furious’ Vin Diesel and Jordana Brewster’s bond has only strengthened since the film franchise started two decades ago. The co-stars have gone through various changes over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is their love for one another, especially on special occasions. Recently, Diesel and Brewster had a nice social media exchange on the latter's birthday.

Family is everything for the Fast & Furious cast both on and off the screen. Over the years, they have shared many moments, such as Jordana Brewster’s birthday. As Brewster’s birthday came along this year, Vin Diesel took to his Instagram to give his co-star a shout-out on her special day. Check out the actor’s heartfelt birthday post to his F9 co-star below:

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Seeing Vin Diesel’s post proved just how close the Fast & Furious cast has grown over the years. Diesel’s words spoke to the decades-long friendship between the two. At this point in the franchise’s history, most, if not anyone involved with the films becomes part of the family. The bond between Diesel and Jordana Brewster is especially close since both starred in The Fast & the Furious 20 years ago. So calling each other “brother” and “sister” wasn’t out of character for the co-stars.

After seeing Vin Diesel’s post, Jordana Brewster decided to comment on Diesel’s birthday dedication. Of course, her response was just as sweet. She replied to his message with the following:

I love you so much.

Jordana Brewster’s response fell right in line with the family connection between the Fast & Furious co-stars. Seeing the sweet exchange between the co-stars drove the point home. After all these years, it was nice to see her and Vin Diesel remain close. This is special considering a lot of casts have nothing more than a working relationship.

As corny as it is, Dom Toretto’s phrase “The most important thing in life is family” has never been truer. The relationship between the Fast & Furious co-stars has become a key selling point for the franchise (besides the fast cars and outlandish stunts). Of course, there has been some friction between cast members over the years, but that’s expected given the connection amongst the cast. With that said, no matter what everyone always manages to come back together. The premature death of co-star Paul Walker only strengthened that bond and the franchise in recent years.

After co-starring in the Fast & Furious franchise for two decades, Vin Diesel and Jordana Brewster are truly a family. With Paul Walker gone, Diesel, Brewster and fellow co-star Michelle Rodriguez have become the cornerstones of the franchise. But the family will continue to expand as actual family members join the franchise. Fans will get to see more of Diesel and Brewster’s family bond when F9 arrives in theaters on June 25.

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