One Thing That Should Benefit A Quiet Place Part II When It Hits Theaters

Emily Blunt in A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II was originally set for release on March 20, 2020. This made it one of the first big movies set for theatrical release to be delayed. The film had actually already had its world premiere and a handful of early screenings, but the general public never got to see it. Now A Quiet Place Part II will try again, as it is set to open in theaters only later this month. Nobody is quite sure how the movie, or really any movie, will do when it comes to box office receipts. But at least one analyst expects the film to do quite well because of pent-up demand.

When A Quiet Place Part II opens on May 28 it will be the biggest movie to open exclusively in theaters since Christopher Nolan's Tenet in September of 2020. The film will also open with many more theaters in the country open to at least some degree then Tenet saw, and a lot of people around the country and the world vaccinated and perhaps more willing than previously to venture out to someplace like the movies.

This leads box office analyst Shawn Robbins to believe that the future for the box office in general, and movies like A Quiet Place Part II specifically, is brighter than we might expect. As he tells KXXV that he believes that even people who were not regular cinema goers may be willing to go to the theater in the near future simply because such options have been closed off for so long. According to Robbins,

There's been a pent-up demand, I think, that's been growing from not just movie fans, but also casual audiences -- maybe people who don't frequently go to the theaters, at least pre-pandemic, but have now been stuck at home for over 13 months.

Whether you were the sort of person who went to the theater a lot, or one of those who only went occasionally, odds are it's been a year or more since you were there last. Fans might have been making specific plans to go see A Quiet Place Part II or even purchased advanced tickets to the movie when it was pulled from theaters. At the time there was hope the delay would only last a few weeks, but that turned out to be very wishful thinking.

There's also reason to believe A Quiet Place Part II could be a big theatrical movie even beyond the pent up demand. The theatrical experience of watching A Quiet Place was unique among films itself and one of the things that fans of the first movie loved most. Experiencing that again would certainly be worth a return to theaters for some people. It will likely still take a long time for the box office to truly get back to where it once was, but one has to imagine 2021 will still be a vast improvement over 2020.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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