George Clooney's Hysterical New Commercial Has Him Buying Batman Toys And Obsessing Over Brad Pitt

Though he’s helped define the word “cool” for a generation of moviegoers, actor George Clooney has never been above getting silly in the name of a good laugh. It’s an attitude that’s given us both the Ocean’s trilogy as well as Burn After Reading, proving that the former ER heartthrob can play to the audience’s funny bones like a champ. Those skills have come in handy once more, as a new commercial has George Clooney doing everything from buying toys from the much maligned Batman and Robin to obsessing over friend and colleague Brad Pitt.

George Clooney’s comedic chops came out to play once again, and as you’d probably guessed, a good cause is behind it all. Clooney is offering a trip to Italy for one lucky person and a friend, the prize is being put up for auction on Omaze, which is for the benefit of the Clooney Foundation for Justice. But instead of just filming the standard pitch of big smiles, and promises of a good time, George Clooney has taken on his toughest role yet: the roommate from hell.

In this fictional but hilarious scenario, George Clooney found staying at a random person’s house during lockdown, namely because he was trying to buy a Batman figure off of Craigslist. What was supposed to be a simple transaction turned into a living nightmare, as Clooney tortured his would-be host with diva style usage of the bathroom, an entire bedroom decked out with Brad Pitt paraphernalia, and repeated viewings of Ocean’s Eleven.

Poking fun at the pandemic life that everyone’s experienced in one way or another, this commercial is an exaggerated case of why you wouldn’t want to hang out with George Clooney. Though don’t let the fiction dissuade you from trying to win a chance to experience the reality. Unlike this fictionalized scenario, you and a friend would totally be staying in a hotel, hanging out with George and Amal Clooney in a more limited, and much more social atmosphere.

Who would have thought that hanging out with George Clooney would be a way to donate to a good cause? With an experience of a lifetime on the line, would be donors should probably get in while the bidding is good right now. Though, now that we think about it, Mr. Clooney has to have more of his own movies lying around, as it’s hard to believe that Batman and Robin and Ocean’s Eleven are the only two he revisits. Surely the man has a copy of The Peacemaker somewhere, right?

Fans looking to watch George Clooney, the actor, can catch The Midnight Sky, which is currently on Netflix. Meanwhile, fans of Clooney the director who have already caught that film will have to wait a little longer, as he’s currently directing The Tender Bar with Ben Affleck in the lead. And don't worry, should you win the auction, we hear that Mr. Clooney is actually a really awesome guy to spot in the wild.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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