Edgar Wright's Last Night In Soho Trailer Is As Stylishly Terrifying As You'd Expect

We’ve been waiting for our first look at Edgar Wright’s next feature film, Last Night in Soho, for quite some time. It’s been almost four years since Baby Driver took the world by storm, leaving everyone to wonder what Wright’s spin on a time traveling psychological horror movie would feel like. Now the first trailer has finally dropped, and after all of the delays that have seen the film delayed longer than expected, the wait has absolutely been worth it.

As we watch the trailer for Last Night in Soho, we see young Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie) alone in the bustling city that is London. Not having the best time in life, she needs an escape, and she finds it in her dreams. The first twist is, those dreams send her back to the nightlife of the 1960's, where Thunderball is showing in theaters, and Soho's nightlife is blazing hot. And normal Eloise is allowed to transform into vibrant entertainer Sandy (Anya Taylor-Joy,) who's as popular as she is talented. It's a double life that has its perks, but it also has its setbacks, as the mysteries of the past seem to be crossing over into the present day.

The questions that arise don't look like they're going to lead to pleasant answers, as hickies soon make way for ghostly visions, and a murder that looks like it's been unsolved for several decades. While Last Night In Soho's mysterious trailer doesn't come out to say it, and it certainly doesn't have to, it looks like Eloise is going to be avenging Sandy's death, with the charming character played by Matt Smith looking to be the prime suspect. So basically, Edgar Wright and co-writer Krysty Wilson-Cairns are indulging in their love of classic horror genre films, and doing so in a way so hauntingly stylish, the pictures scream louder than the words ever could.

Edgar Wright has found himself pretty busy as of late, thanks to several projects occupying his mind at the same time. Not only has Last Night in Soho been a priority of his, but his music documentary The Sparks Brothers has been in production in parallel to the finishing touches of his latest fictional narrative. And to further complicate things, this was all done while he and the team that made Scott Pilgrim vs. The World pulled together that sweet 10th anniversary remaster for Dolby Cinemas.

If there was a year that felt like it belonged to Edgar Wright, it’d have to be 2021. Last Night in Soho only proves it, as it proves that Wright has returned with a vengeance, ready to scare the hell out of audiences all over. He’ll get his next shot to do just that when the film launches on October 22nd; but in the meantime,The Sparks Brothers is the next quick fix of Wright magic you can expect in theaters. That film debuts on June 18th, as you can see among the many other titles to explore in the 2021 release schedule.

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