Uh, Zack Snyder Has A Whole Take On Zombie Sex In Army Of The Dead

Ella Purnell looking slightly disturbed and confuse in Army of the Dead.

Fans of Zack Snyder’s movies know that when you sit down to watch something like Army of the Dead, there’s always going to be something hiding underneath the surface. And in the case of the co-writer/director’s return to the world of the undead. One of those unanswered questions was how, or rather if, zombies could have sex. Well, if you really wanted that answer, and you should just freely admit that you do, it’s a resounding yes. And as the man himself explained in a recent interview, there’s some interesting stuff going on when it comes to the subject of zombie sex.

In a sit down with Esquire, Zack Snyder saw himself asked flat out about whether or not Army of the Dead’s royal couple of Zeus and The Bride conceived their would-be heir through traditional methods. And Snyder, being the meticulous person that he is, was able to provide some rather in-depth materials on the mating habits of the undead. Here’s what he had to say:

Well, I believe that some zombie love happened, some sweet zombie lovemaking. I don't know if it was sweet. It was probably pretty aggressive. My theory is that the zombies in our movie are working toward not needing a human host to procreate their species, if you will. That's the ultimate evolution. They're like a better us. I think that's the fun genre part of it. They're no longer destroying their environment. They're not fighting with each other. They're less bad for everybody. They're less toxic. Unless you cross them, and then, well, it's not that good.

There is quite a bit to break down about how Zack Snyder described Army of the Dead’s zombies, and their procreation. So starting at the very beginning, it’s kind of not surprising that those that hunger for the taste of flesh are definitely into the rough stuff. Doubly so, considering older drafts of the film’s script confirmed that zombies were to have forcefully mated with the living.

Which also ties into something else that sounds like a carryover from Army of the Dead’s “rapey zombies” draft. As there were human/zombie hybrids once planned to be present in the Netflix original, it sounds like the evolution of the script moved on a similar track to that of Zeus and The Queen. The ultimate goal is to not need a human host to incubate a zombie fetus, as the Alphas that sit atop the zombie hierarchy want to create a new, and more evolved civilization; totally free of humanity.

Admittedly, while these mysteries could have, and should have, been fleshed out in Army of the Dead; there’s enough clues to lay the foundation for future clarification. Zack Snyder clearly has another universe brewing with his Netflix project, as two prequel projects and a potential sequel are still making noise at this moment. So if you’re upset you didn’t get to learn all you wanted to know about sweet and vicious zombie lovemaking in Army of the Dead, you might get your wish in the years to come.

For now Army of the Dead is currently in theatrical release, as well as available on Netflix for streaming. Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for more details on when we’ll get to see that prequel anime, Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, as well as the Dieter-centric film Army of Thieves. But who knows what unexpected surprises those will entail, as there’s clearly more to know about the zombie apocalypse; and we shouldn’t be afraid to ask.

Mike Reyes
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