Meadow Walker Shares Throwback With Vin Diesel Ahead Of Fast And Furious 9

Vin Diesel welcomes people back to the movies in F9 promo reel.

No matter where the Fast Saga goes in its future, the legacy of the late Paul Walker will always be connected to the franchise he helped put on the map with Vin Diesel. Part of that is because his character Brian O’Conner is still active in the series; but in the real world, Diesel’s connection to Walker’s family helps keep another healthy tie into what made the series famous. Ahead of the release of F9, Paul’s daughter Meadow Walker has shared yet another throwback photo, this time showing the softer side of Vin Diesel.

Taking to her Instagram account, Meadow shared a photo where she’s part of a hug with Diesel himself. With a simple message that says “Family,” the picture also includes Vin Diesel’s daughter, Hania, the three close together as a family should be. Take a look at the shot in question, which is included below:

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Over the years, Meadow Walker has used her social media presence to share awesome memories of her father, as well as to show off the awesome work she’s been doing in her own career as a professional model. In fact, it was only earlier this year that Walker made her runway debut at Paris Fashion Week, thanks to a gig through the iconic brand of Givenchy. But even with her star rising in the world of high fashion, Meadow Walker’s heart is always set on family.

Sharing this photo of a group hug with Vin and Hania Diesel inspired quite a few F9 fans to chime in with their own well wishes. Not to mention, fellow Fast and Furious cast member Chris “Ludacris” Bridges threw in his own wishes of support through a prayer hands emoji. Of course, the most notable response came from Vin himself, as he left this message in the comments of Meadow’s photograph:

All love, Always…

As a film franchise, as well as a mostly tight knit cast, the Fast Saga stands for the togetherness of family. Whether by coming up together as friends, or by blood ties, the real and cinematic glue that holds this enterprise together is the connections that stemmed from Paul Walker and Vin Diesel’s chosen brotherhood. Meadow Walker knows this for a fact, and both the memory of her father, and her present connection to his dear friend, show that those ties are just as strong as they were on day one.

F9 will continue the Fast Saga legacy, when it debuts in the domestic market on June 25th, only in theaters. Though if you’re reading this from an international venue, you may have already seen the film crushing the box office in your local market. Either way, the Fast family is about to get bigger, and there will be a lot to discuss once it does.

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