It's Official: Harrison Ford Is Back In The Studio As Indiana Jones 5 Confirms Filming Plan

After years of Lucasfilm promising that we would get a new Indiana Jones movie, after years of that movie being repeatedly delayed time and again, it's finally really happening. There had been rumors reporting that Indiana Jones 5 would begin filming soon, but we now have official confirmation that the movie, which brings Harrison Ford back to play the iconic Indiana Jones one more time, is officially set to begin filming next week.

Set images that purported to be from Indiana Jones 5 were making the rounds online recently but now Deadline has officially confirmed that the next adventure for Indy will begin shooting in the U.K. next week. There's so much we still don't know. We don't really know what the movie is about, when it is set, or what the adventure will be. According to the report, filming is expected to commence around Bamburgh Castle but how that will factor into the story, which has been rumored to deal with the 1960s space race, is only speculation.

While the story for the new Indiana Jones film is nothing but guess work right now, what's going on behind the camera is a bit more clear. We know that James Mangold will direct the new entry, taking over from Steven Spielberg, who stepped away from directing but has remained on to produce and is still, according to all reports, still very closely involved with the film. John Williams will be back to score the movie as well. The movie co-stars Mads Mikkelsen, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Shaunette Renee Wilson, and Boyd Holbrook.

If you're a fan of Indiana Jones then this is just about the best possible news. From the day that Disney bought Lucasfilm fans were promised that new things would happen with the Indiana Jones franchise, but while Star Wars has seen multiple movies, multiple TV series, an entirely new expansion in print, and more, Indy has remained on the sidelines. Indiana Jones 5 was promised again and again. We were continually guaranteed that it was still in the plan, but even after a release date was given to the movie, that date would be pushed back more than once.

It would be easy to assume that this movie was simply never going to happen. For years it was clear that the hold up was that there was difficulty finding the right story. Multiple writers were brought on and it seemed that nobody was finding a hook that everybody could get on board with. At this point, it's not even clear which person or persons will get official screenwriting credit for Indiana Jones 5.

Indiana Jones 5 is set to open in July 2022 and with production getting underway next week, we can be confident that the movie will actually hit that date. There will be no more delays. The next adventure with Indiana Jones is really happening.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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