No Time To Die Is About To Set Another Record For Daniel Craig's James Bond

Daniel Craig sits stoically in M's office in No Time To Die.

In case you’d somehow forgotten, this fall will mark the release of Daniel Craig’s swan song in the James Bond franchise, No Time To Die. With the delay to that film’s release pushing the 007 franchise towards a record matching gap between films, some important history has been made along the way. And not only is Daniel Craig the longest running actor to hold the role of James Bond, but his final film is now officially the longest entry in Bond history.

Strangely enough, this fact has been confirmed thanks to a listing that Regal Cinemas has put up for what they call the No Time To Die Marathon. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, this 007 event is a rundown of all five Daniel Craig movies, showing Casino Royale through Spectre, right before an “early screening” of No Time To Die. Based on the 705 minute running time specified on Regal’s website, No Time To Die’s final running time shakes out to be 162 minutes; which officially beats Spectre’s previous record of 148 minutes.

Going out with a bang is something that the James Bond series has always been fond of. So the lengthy nature of No Time To Die shouldn’t be much of a surprise, as there’s a lot of potential threads to tie up with the final film of the Craig era. And with the emotional heights that co-star Léa Seydoux has claimed the movie will scale, that extra time could mean the world.

Outside of the 007 reboot era’s longer running times, the only classic James Bond film to come close to this sort of length is 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Packing quite the emotional punch in its final moments, the only film to star George Lazenby could be considered the first building block towards Daniel Craig’s run of films. Which makes the fact that No Time To Die will be the movie to hold the record for longest Bond movie all the more appropriate.

However, there no official date for this No Time To Die event to take place, even with the film itself being released on October 8th. And since this marathon is supposed to include an “early screening,” it would clearly need to be a date prior to the big launch of the 25th James Bond film. For the moment, judging by the outdated graphic for the original marathon that was set to take place last April, It could be assumed that Wednesday, October 6th will be the big day.

If you’re ready to take on the entire Daniel Craig run of 007 adventures, you’ll want to keep an eye out for when Regal Cinemas puts tickets on sale for the No Time To Die Marathon. But if you’re afraid that your bladder, or any other regions of your person, will be testing the limits of endurance in such an enterprise, October 8th is when US audiences will be able to enjoy the final, record setting chapter of the Craig legacy.

Mike Reyes
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