Ahead Of F9, Vin Diesel And Meadow Walker Share Sweet Messages About Paul Walker

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel say goodbye in their cars in Furious 7.

The world is embracing F9 as well as one would expect, as Vin Diesel and his co-stars have brought the Torretto family one step closer to the big finale that Fast 10 will deliver. With that film going into pre-production at the moment, Diesel took some time to share a sweet message he got from Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow about how it all began. And his response to that particular callback was just as sweet as you’d expect.

Displayed on the Instagram accounts for both Vin Diesel and Meadow Walker, the bonds of the Fast Saga family have been shown to be as strong as anyone would imagine. And it’s all thanks to a photo that Meadow shared from the production of 2001’s The Fast and the Furious, which shows Paul Walker sitting next to Diesel. Smiling while wearing some period appropriate sunglasses, Vin Diesel added his own personal message when sharing the image for everyone, as you’ll see here:

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Almost 20 years have passed since The Fast and the Furious opened in theaters, becoming the foundation that a major franchise would build itself upon. Part of the magic that bound the franchise together, even in their respective absences for the second and third installments, was the energy that Paul Walker and Vin Diesel brought to the party. After Walker’s untimely passing before the release of Furious 7, Diesel doubled down on his efforts to make sure the series he and his spiritual brother started closes on a high note.

Even more fitting is the message that started it all, which Meadow Walker also happened to share on her profile. Sending Vin Diesel that historic throwback, alongside a photo of herself wearing some stylish sunglasses, Diesel makes a comment on The Fast and the Furious photo that’s absolutely sentimental. Get a look at Vin Diesel’s message, shown below:

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With the release of F9 already underway in international markets and Fast 10 going into the planning phases, invoking the spirit of Paul Walker is only fitting. The series began with his involvement, and with Vin Diesel feeling his guidance even when making the eighth sequel, the conclusion of the Fast Saga will undoubtedly close Brian O’Connor’s story in a satisfying manner. And by this time next year, we might have a better view on how that pans out.

There’s still no conclusive word on when Fast 10 will arrive in theaters, but it sounds like it’ll be in production at some point in 2021. Meanwhile, F9 is on schedule for a June 25th release date, with a mission to space in clear view. Who knows where the final adventure will take Dominic Toretto and his family, as that’s a pretty huge hurdle to clear for the close of such an iconic action franchise.

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