Following Cannibal Text Controversy, Armie Hammer Has Gone Into A Treatment Program

Armie Hammer in Death on the Nile
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Throughout the year Call Me By Your Name star Armie Hammer has been the subject of a wave of controversies including a viral cannibalism DM and alleged sexual assault and rape claims from women. The 34-year-old actor has since dropped out of the acting projects he’d had in the works and his agency no longer represents him. The latest development coming in regarding Hammer is that he has reportedly checked into an in-patient facility to undergo treatment for drug, alcohol and sex problems.

Armie Hammer checked into a treatment facility in Orlando, Florida on May 31. He has been spending the past week in a program to get himself healthy with support from his wife Elizabeth Chambers, per Vanity Fair.

Multiple witnesses reported seeing Armie Hammer leave Grand Cayman airport in the Cayman Islands on May 29 with Elizabeth Chambers and their two children to see him off to the Florida treatment center in an “emotional” goodbye. Apparently after Hammer became estranged from his wife, Chambers, following the various controversies, he reached out to her in late May asking for help seeking treatment.

Armie Hammer is reportedly “committed” to receiving help following a number of troubling developments that have greatly affected his acting career and his personal life, per a close source to the Death on the Nile actor. The controversies started in January when Instagram DMs from Armie Hammer to a woman referencing his interest in “cutting” her toes, “drinking blood” and calling himself “100% a cannibal.”

The woman who shared the screenshots of Armie Hammer talking about cannibalism has since come forward to accuse the actor of a 2017 rape that allegedly involved him “repeatedly” slamming her face against a wall. The Los Angeles Police Department subsequently began an investigation of Hammer.

One of Armie Hammer’s ex girlfriends, Courtney Vucekovich, backed up claims by sharing her own experience with the actor, who apparently told her he wanted to break her rib, “barbecue and eat it.” Another one of Hammer’s past flames, model Paige Lorenze, said the Call Me By Your Name actor carved an “A” into her skin with a knife and he was dead serious about getting a doctor to remove her bottom ribs for his consumption.

Amidst these claims, Elizabeth Chambers, who is seeking a divorce from Armie Hammer, shared her support for the victims/survivors who spoke out. Hammer was removed from his intended role in Shotgun Wedding and replaced with Josh Duhamel, along with the Broadway production of The Minutes, a movie with Mads Mikkelsen called Billion Dollar Spy and the Paramount+ making-of The Godfather series The Offer.

It’s currently unclear if the controversies will affect his forthcoming release of Death on the Nile, which is expected to hit theaters on February 11, 2022.

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