Possible Spider-Man: No Way Home Leak Has Fans Freaking Out About The Multiverse

It's been months since the first rumors hit that implied that the next big Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home wasn't simply going to be the next Spider-Man movie, but was in fact going to be the live-action Spider-Man movie. Following in the footsteps of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, it seemed the new movie would bring back the two previous live-action Peter Parker's for a massive movie that would feature Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland. And while there have now been plenty of indications that such a movie won't happen, it hasn't stopped fans from looking for signs that it will all actually happen.

The latest hint that maybe this is really all going to work out is coming from a Spider-Man fan site that is claiming that the Argentina branch of Sony Pictures tweeted, and then deleted, an image of the Spider-Man: No Way Home logo that shifted between different styles. This has fans theorizing that the multiple fonts in the image could be a hint to multiple versions of Spider-Man, as Into the Spider-Verse used a similar trick. Here's the alleged video in question.

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Whenever any official source posts something and then deletes it there's an indication that what was posted was not supposed to see the light of day, that there might be something secret there. If anything the post may have been put up earlier than it was supposed to be. Maybe there is some other marketing material, like the fist trailer, that is supposed to explain what the apparent font shift means, and thus without context it just doesn't really mean anything.

On the one hand, people who you would think would know, like Tom Holland, have stated pretty clearly that we should not be expecting Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield to show up in Spider-Man: No Way Home, that such things just aren't happening. But that hasn't really stopped people from believing that all this is still very real. At the very least, there's something to the rumors of a multiverse story in No Way Home, even if it doesn't specifically include the previous Spider-Man actors reprising their roles.

And it's certainly possible that could be the case. The various rumors that led us here could be based in some sort of fact. The rumors probably weren't made out of whole cloth considering how they've been reported from all over the place. And this logo certainly looks like it could be the real thing. The change in font could just be a style choice that doesn't mean anything. It could also be an intentional misdirect because Sony and Marvel know exactly what fans are thinking and they're looking to amp up those fans because it's good for business.

But we are getting Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx back to play characters they played in previous Spider-Man franchises. The question is whether this is just a casting gimmick or if the fact that these two played these characters before is important to No Way Home. Perhaps when we do see a final trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home we'll have some idea what this all means. With the movie set for release in December, that trailer should be coming this summer.

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