Spider-Man 3 Set Video Reveals High Flying Stunt

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will end 2020 by releasing no new movies. This will be the first year in a decade where that has happened. And yet, the MCU carries on. The next entry in the Spider-Man film franchise is currently filming, and while we know very little about what to expect from the new movie, thanks to a new video that was able to sneak a peek at production, we know Spidey's next adventure will have its share of action, no shock there, I guess. Although we have zero context for how that action will fit into the story.

A user on Twitter posted a video which shows, at a distance, a stunt sequence being filmed for the as yet untitled Spider-Man movie. We see Spider-Man, and somebody who appears to be Zendaya's MJ, involved in a conversation for a few seconds before Spidey grabs her and leaps into into the open air. Check it out.

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Whether we're actually looking at Tom Holland and Zendaya in this scene, or a pair of stuntpeople, is impossible to tell at this distance, especially since one is in full costume. But either way, this is exactly the sort of thing we have come to expect from a Spider-Man movie, and it's just good to see the production in full...swing right now. And hey, Spider-Man is always wearing a mask, so that's putting safety first.

Of course, the crazy thing about this scene is that considering how much can be done with digital effects, we have really no idea what we're actually seeing. The pair on standing on top of a shipping container that's been elevated into the air. Will that actually be the location of this stunt, or will computers be used to completely change everything around them? They could be jumping off the top of a building for all we know. We really don't know much of anything about what the actual story of the new Spider-Man movie will be, so we're all guessing at this point.

The only thing we know with certainty beyond the fact that the movie is happening is that Jamie Foxx will play Electro, a casting choice that was certainly influenced by the fact that he played the role previously in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but whether or not Foxx will actually be connecting the two franchises more directly is unclear. Rumors of that we could be getting a live-action Spider-Verse have persisted, but I'm not sold on them just yet.

The bigger deal in the new Spider-Man will be the fact that, based on the post-credits sequence of Spider-Man: Far From Home, the world will know Spider-Man's true identity. He's also been painted as a villain by Mysterio and unless something has happened off screen in between films, being Peter Parker, much less Spider-Man, likely won't be an easy gig in the new movie.

The next MCU Spider-Man movie is set for release in December 2021.

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