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Amber Heard Quarantining For Aquaman 2, Shares Sweet Note From Director James Wan

Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman

Warner Bros. Aquaman movie was a massive hit that resulted in a green light for a sequel almost immediately. At the time, when the movie was given a release date all the way at the end of 2022, it seemed like a lifetime away. However, now that date feels like it's right around the corner, and Aquaman 2 feels even closer as it appears the movie is now just a couple of weeks away from seeing production get underway. Cast members like Amber Heard are in quarantine prior to shooting, and director James Wan is thanking her, and one assumes, everybody else, for coming back.

Amber Heard posted an image to Instagram that includes a note from director James Wan welcoming her "back to Atlantis." Heard says she's in quarantine, which means that, while much of the world is starting to return to normal, Warner Bros. is still taking some precautions. It sounds like everybody making Aquaman 2 will need to undergo quarantine before coming together to make the film.

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Aquaman 2 was one film that actually survived the box office implosion unscathed. When most blockbuster films simply weren't released in 2020, it caused a domino effect of release date changes. The movies that were pushed back supplanted other films that already had release dates, forcing them to get pushed back as well. However, Aquaman 2's release date of December 16, 2022 has remained intact since it was originally set in early 2019.

Which is not to say that movie hasn't had an interesting path to the screen, especially for Amber Heard. The actress has been involved in a variety of legal disputes with ex-husband Johnny Depp over the last several months, which occasionally looked like they might conflict with Aquaman 2's production. There have also been numerous rumors in the last year that Amber Heard was being replaced in the film, and there was an active campaign by some on social media to try and make that happen, though there's no evidence that such a thing was even considered.

Little is known about what the sequel to Aquaman will actually be about, but James Wan recently revealed the film's official title, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which certainly gives us a general idea of where the story is going. The first film was about uniting the kingdoms under the sea behind Aquaman. However, there was a reference then that one of the Atlantian kingdoms had been lost in time. It seems the new film will dive into that kingdom, perhaps dealing with why and how it was lost, as the kingdom is now important once again.

With production set to begin on Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in just a couple weeks, once everybody finishes their quarantine, we'll hopefully start to get a few more details to keep fans excited until the movie actually comes out next year.

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