Indiana Jones 5 Is Filming In East London, But Neighbors Aren’t Happy

Indiana Jones looks forward in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

The prospect of Indiana Jones 5 is steadily becoming more real, as filming is currently underway on the final installment of the storied franchise. The movie kicked off principal photography earlier this month, and it didn’t take long for set photos to leak. Overall, fans seem excited about seeing Harrison Ford return to one of his most famous roles. The Lucasfilm production hasn’t been so exciting for everyone, though. The film has been shooting on a street in East London, and the set’s neighbors aren’t quite thrilled with how things are going.

Apparently, Indiana Jones 5 paid an East London homeowner for the privilege of shooting in their home. According to The Sun, the production paid the homeowner a total of £50,000 (nearly $70,000) to make it happen, and the owner reportedly left the house for a week. Although this deal seems to have worked out pretty well for the owner of the house, his neighbors say the experience amounted to “24/7 hell.”

Residents of the Hackney street apparently came together in a What’sApp group to air their feelings on their neighbor’s decision to rent out his house for Indiana Jones 5. The group reportedly has a problem with the homeowner accepting a payment and heading out, only to “leave everyone else to suffer.” One resident has some honest thoughts on the presence of the film crew, telling The Sun:

A single homeowner has made a mint and the rest of us are left facing the disturbance. It’s a joke. They closed the road so it caused a lot of disruption. Some people were outside arguing over spaces. I could hear angry voices and lots of cars driving around. People should at least be compensated.

Of course, the presence of a massive crew isn’t the only thing that comes with James Mangold’s upcoming film. Indiana Jones 5, like its predecessors, is a period piece, which means vintage cars are needed. But when you have cars, there’s a need for parking spots, and it would seem the production has taken up a number of spaces on the street. The same woman who spoke with The Sun claims this has caused difficult situations for the residents, with one neighbor allegedly having to park “15 minutes away.” Another resident even claimed to have gotten a parking ticket due to the lack of parking.

Up until now, production on Indiana Jones 5 has been relatively conflict-free, aside from some criticism online, which James Mangold has addressed. So far, early set photos haven’t revealed much, but we have learned a few things. For starters, it would appear that the film is bringing back some familiar villains, and Mangold seems to be going to great lengths to pull off Harrison Ford’s stunts.

It remains to be seen when Indiana Jones 5 will wrap but, with filming having just started this month, production likely still has a ways to go. Hopefully, things will go a lot smoother than this experience in East London.

Indiana Jones 5 is set to be released on July 29, 2022.

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