The Suicide Squad Fans Have Some Thoughts After Finding A Crazy New Trailer On YouTube

Daniela Melchior, Peter Capaldi, Idris Elba, and David Dastmalchian walk into a club in The Suicide Squad.

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Who doesn’t love the smell of a new trailer in the morning? It smells like...anticipation, doesn’t it? Comic movie loyalists know that feeling quite well this morning as, out of the blue, a new trailer for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad appeared on YouTube. Dishing out some crazy new plot points and insane action, it’s a brand new look at Gunn’s R-rated madness, and fans definitely have some thoughts on what they’ve seen.

The tricky thing about The Suicide Squad’s latest trailer is that it’s been unveiled not as a stationary video you can search, but as a random YouTube ad. So you can’t find this video through a simple direct search. At least, it’s not available that way just yet. But if you’re lucky, and the algorithm is with you, you can see one of the movie’s stars, Flula Borg, introducing you to this brand new reel of footage. And so far, the hunt, and its results, have been making the morning of DC fans far and wide.

One of the most interesting reactions that’s been shared by an eager fan of The Suicide Squad has to be this post we’re about to share below. Apparently, one of the would-be treasure hunters thought that the new trailer was leaked into the world. That does lead to an interesting question to ponder: does it count as a leak if it’s released in an unconventional strategy that doesn’t allow for direct results?

Just as John Cena’s Peacemaker would do horribly R-rated things to ensure peace, fans of The Suicide Squad should be open to all the legwork required to find this latest trailer. Those who’ve already found it seem to be pleased with the fruits of their labor, as you’ll see in this next Twitter post:

It’s not just comic book thrills that are exciting The Suicide Squad’s potential audience, either. Another one of the reactions to this morning’s footage highlights the interaction between Idris Elba’s Bloodsport and his daughter, played by The Invisible Man’s Storm Reid. If this next message is any indication, we just might need some tissues to watch this next DC movie.

Of course, with an unconventional release like this, there’s bound to be people upset with the fact that something like The Suicide Squad trailer is not readily available. Which leads to the more negative spectrum of reactions, as seen in our next highlighted tweet:

The same sort of energy carries over into our final reaction to today’s big treasure hunt. And just as you’d expect, the call for a direct release of The Suicide Squad’s trailer is probably going to get louder as time ticks on. So you might see more posts like this cropping up mighty soon:

With thoughts like that, you’re probably ready to go searching for The Suicide Squad trailer yourself. While we can’t give you a treasure map, as it’s all subject to chance, we can give you one simple tip. YouTube is an algorithm based beast; so if you want a trailer for The Suicide Squad, you should probably search for Suicide Squad-related material. Oh and, as for which celebrity will introduce your trailer, that’s apparently a random choice as well. Happy hunting, friends!

The Suicide Squad smashes into theaters, and HBO Max, on August 6th. We wish you all the best of luck in finding this buried internet treasure, or having the patience to wait until this new trailer is released into the wild. But in the meantime, the 2021 release schedule will help pass the time; and don’t forget that if you’re not an ad-free subscriber to HBO Max, you won’t get to see The Suicide Squad in the comfort of your own home.

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