Megan Fox Rewatched Jonah Hex Recently And Her Review Is Spot On

Megan Fox in Jonah Hex

Comic book movies are the single most popular genre in film right now. While the big name characters that everybody knows like Spider-Man and Batman are still the most popular on the big screen, the desire to make a lot of comic book movies has forced the publishers and the film studios to dig a little deeper into the back catalog. Certain movies were made out of characters that aren't necessarily household names. Sometimes it works out, as with Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. Other times, you get movies like Jonah Hex. Megan Fox, who co-starred in the film, finally watched it recently, and she's a bit more forgiving than most.

Jonah Hex, which starred Josh Brolin as the titular supernatural bounty hunter, is not seen as one of the better comic book movies to come out in the generation where they dominated cinema. Having said that, Megan Fox, who stars in the film, only just recently watched it for the first time. She even calls the film "decent," and she has similar things to say about her own performance in the movie. As she told the Washington Post...

While I shouldn’t have been nominated for an Oscar for it, I’m definitely not bad in it.

It's not uncommon for actors to actually be harder on their own performance than the general public, but Megan Fox doesn't go down that road. She's certainly not speaking of Jonah Hex in glowing terms, but she thinks the movie is fine. She's certainly kinder to the movie now than most people were at the time. The movie was pretty soundly torn apart by critics. Having said that, most of the blame was not dropped at the feet of the performers. Josh Brolin and Fox were both given a pass by most critics, and many were even complementary of the work they did. It was just felt that the story of the barely 80-minute movie was a mess and that the actors had nothing to work with.

It's nice to see Megan Fox being both honest and positive about her performance in Jonah Hex. She used to have a very different feeling on the movie. We often hear from actors that they never even watch their own work because they frequently can only see what they perceive as mistakes. It's probably a lot more healthy to be able to see that there is good in a performance as well, even if t's in a movie that has other problems.

I suppose if you combine performances that aren't bad with a story that is, you might come up with something that you qualify as "decent." And perhaps with a modern eye we can forgive some of the movie's shortcomings. Do you agree with Megan Fox? Is Jonah Hex better than it's reputation? Let us know in the poll below.

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