Disney World Unveils Its Brand New Addition To Cinderella's Castle, And It's A Beaut

Cinderella's Castle in Walt Disney World resort

As the world has begun opening back up, Walt Disney World Resort has been celebrating its 50th anniversary with park attendees. This means the entire theme park gets decked out in a new aesthetic as part of the celebration. Of course, this means the park’s main attraction, Cinderella’s Castle, will be as well. It's fitting considering the castle attracts all the attention anyway. With this, Walt Disney World finally unveiled its brand-new addition to Cinderella’s Castle, and of course, it’s beautiful.

The big reveal came courtesy of Walt Disney World Resort president Jeff Vahle’s Instagram. Vahle wanted to show off the new 50th-anniversary seal and shared some nice thoughts on how aesthetic was taken up a notch. He even took the time to shout out some cast members from the beloved Walt Disney World landmark. To see how Cinderella’s Castle has been updated for the 50th-anniversary, check out Vahle’s celebratory post below:

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By the looks of things, Walt Disney World is going all out for the park’s milestone anniversary. The golden 50 seal suits Cinderella’s Castle well without taking away from the landmark’s traditional aesthetic. It’s a nice addition to the attraction’s overall look. Maybe a seal could become a regular feature once the anniversary celebration is over. The milestone anniversary has been Disney World’s top priority since the park reopened this year, and I honestly can't think of a better way to highlight the momentous occassion.

Of course, Cinderella’s Castle isn’t the only focus of the theme park’s 50th-anniversary celebration. Fans will get a peek behind the scenes of the attraction when the Disney+ docuseries Behind the Attraction resumes later this year. The attraction itself has remained a symbol of wonderment and imagination, especially as adults and children begin adventuring outside again. So the fan-favorite them park should continue to be the talk of the town for the rest of the year.

Jeff Vahle’s post might be celebrating the Disney park’s milestone anniversary, but it also signals bigger things for Walt Disney World attendees. Since many Disney theme parks have reopened, they are still dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet the Magic Kingdom's décor marks a return to some sense of normalcy. Walt Disney World even recently saw the return of the fireworks show, which had been missed since the pandemic began. There have been one or two hiccups with the Magic Kingdom rides but, overall, things seem to be going well at the park.

With capacity being increased and reservations being relaxed, more Disney World attendees will be able to see the new feature. Hopefully, the COVID-19 resurgence won’t cause Disney lovers to miss out on Cinderella’s Castle or the park’s 50th-anniversary celebration. In the meantime, just enjoy the seal in all its glory if you can.

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