Magic Kingdom Guests Got Stuck On Seven Dwarfs Mine Train And Started Singing (Though Somehow Not A Disney Song)

Disney World might be the most magical place on Earth most of the time, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t the occasional hiccups. One of the most common hiccups is ride malfunctions. For most people, that results in longer than expected wait times or having to skip over a ride entirely, but for an unlucky handful who happen to be on the ride at the time it breaks, there’s often confusion, tension, awkwardness and occasionally singing. Yes, singing.

Last month, extremely popular Magic Kingdom attraction The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train broke down, and rather than get upset about being stuck on the rollercoaster, a lot of the people involved decided to sing it out. You would think they would have chosen something specific to Snow White or at least a Disney favorite, but instead, they went with one of the all-time classic Karaoke songs: “Sweet Caroline.” You can watch the video below, which was shot and uploaded to TikTok by Ironicism…


Now, let’s get the obvious out of the way first here: shame on the people who aren’t singing. I realize not everyone may have mentally prepared for a group singalong when they strolled through the Magic Kingdom gates that morning, but part of going to Disney World is just going with it. So, if everyone ends up group singing because the ride broke down, you need to carry your part. You can’t tell me someone there couldn’t have rounded out the arrangement with some bass.

Beyond that, there are some who are taking issue with the choice of “Sweet Caroline.” As you can see from the writing in the TikTok, the uploader pointed out the whiteness of the song choice, and that’s a completely fair observation from my perspective. White people, as a group, myself included, are big fans of singing “Sweet Caroline.” Anyone who has been to a Red Sox game or watched Saving Silverman or just been drunk at a bar in the Midwest can speak to that, but I’d argue it’s a popular choice because it’s a great song and people should stop being haters.

Considering word of this ride breaking didn’t lead the news, I’m going to go ahead and assume Disney fixed the issue in at least a somewhat prompt manner and everyone was left with a fun memory to take away. After all, those are often the best times at Disney World. You can and should plan out a basic schedule, but sometimes the moments you take away and remember are the ones where you end up in an unexpected part of the park or you have an unusual interaction or you try something new or, yes, the ride breaks down on you.

Mack Rawden
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