Halloween Kills’ Michael Myers Reveals His Favorite Kills From Blumhouse’s Previous Sequel

Michael Myers in 2018's Halloween

As far as horror franchises go, few are quite as beloved and iconic as Halloween. As such, fans were thrilled when Michael Myers returned to theaters with David Gordon Green’s 2018 sequel. That movie broke records and kickstarted a new trilogy, which will continue this October with Halloween Kills. And Michael Myers actor James Jude Courtney revealed his favorite kills from Blumhouse’s previous sequel.

James Jude Courtney made his debut as Michael Myers in Blumhouse’s Halloween, sharing the role with OG Nick Castle. The Shape racked up an impressive bodycount throughout the course of the sequel, with more coming in Halloween Kills. And Courtney recently spoke to his favorite kills from the 2018 movie, saying:

Well it’s kind of two. One of them is the window scene, because if I was a going to take somebody out that’s the way I would do it. I’d come in really stealth, really quickly, kill ‘em, and leave. This mafia hitman that I knew back in the day, I met him when he got out of prison and he was my housemate for a while. He stayed with me, I wrote his life story, I got to know him. I knew him for several years until he disappeared. He went and saw me do a movie called The Hitlist and I was just playing a little Australian hitman. I did a high fall into a pool. So I brought him to the premiere and we’re walking out and he says, ‘You know Jimmy, nice movie, but that’s not the way you kill people. And I was like ‘in the mafia how do you kill people?’ And he’s like ‘a sword.’ And the guy was amazing with a knife, amazing with a sword. And this guy was just clinical. So that would be the way I would kill somebody, but I love the bathroom scene because it’s so fricking brutal. There’s nothing like a good fight, especially when you’re winning. So it’s kind of between those two.

Well, there you have it. On top of sharing stories about some colorful people he’s met throughout his life, James Jude Courtney picked out two kills from 2018’s Halloween that were his personal favorite. And they were pretty gnarly ones, to be honest.

James Jude Courtney opened up about Michael Myers’ bloody rampage in David Gordon Green’s Halloween while appearing at Flashback Weekend in Chicago (via ScreenRant). While he was unable to share what’s coming next in Halloween Kills, the the actor and stunt performer did a deep dive into his debut as The Boogyman.

The first kill that James Jude Courtney mentions comes from the chilling long shot in Halloween which follows Michael Myers as he kills and spares people seemingly at random. The sequence ends with him sneaking up on a woman looking out the window, killing her silently. The other choice was the bathroom sequence, where Michael kills the journalists who taunted him and reclaims his mask in the process.

Of course, Halloween Kills was technically already supposed to be here. The movie was delayed a full year as a result of the pandemic, with Blumhouse no doubt hoping to make more money at the box office this fall. The extra wait has been hard for fans, although it seems like it’ll be worth it in the end.

Clearly Michael Myers will be back with a vengeance in Halloween Kills. I suppose Laurie Strode and her family locking him in her burning home pissed the villain off, and it looks like he’s taking no prisoners. And as such, the denizens of Haddonfield are arming up to take on The Shape themselves.

The limited footage of Halloween Kills certainly seem to tease a horrifying massacre coming to Haddonfield, and it should be intresting to see which kills in the sequel end up being James Jude Courtney’s favorites. Smart money says there won’t be a ton of survivors.

Halloween Kills will arrive in theaters on October 15th. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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