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Kevin Costner Shares How The Big Field Of Dreams Event Allowed Him To Have A Touching Moment With His Son

Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams is one of Kevin Costner’s most beloved films. There’s always one person willing to shout out “If you build it, they will come” at some point. As a testament to the film’s influence, Major League Baseball decided to play a baseball game at the actual Field of Dreams site in Dyersville, Iowa. Of course, this homage drew out baseball enthusiasts, including Costner himself. After visiting the field, the Justice League star revealed how the event allowed him to share a touching father-son moment.

The Yellowstone star took to Instagram to share how he and his son celebrate the MLB game. Kevin Costner and his son Joe decided to take part in the special event tied to the 1989 film. it appeared to be a nice father-son moment to celebrate the classic baseball film. The Field of Dreams star captioned the special moment:

Last week the MLB gave me a chance to 'have a catch' with my son at the Field of Dreams.

Kevin Costner’s words painted a surreal moment for those who grew up loving and watching the 1989 fantasy drama. Playing a father-son game of catch harkened back to the moment where Ray Kinsella finally gets to play catch with his late father. Costner loved sharing this special moment with his son over three decades after Field of Dreams was released.

The MLB event proved just how impactful the baseball film has been over the years. At the time of its release, Field of Dreams helped to cement Kevin Costner’s Hollywood status after his breakthrough in 1987’s The Untouchables. The film was a critical and box office hit, and it scored three Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. The 1989 film is one in a series of baseball-themed Costner has gravitated toward, including Bull Durham and For the Love of the Game. His role in Field of Dreams is still referenced in today’s pop culture. Given the film’s legacy, the moment wasn’t lost on the Justice League star.

But Kevin Costner wasn’t done living out this time with his son. According to the Hollywood star, he and his son share a sweet personal connection to Field of Dreams. The Yellowstone star revealed just how momentous the occasion was for him and Joe, saying:

Joe was just a baby when we made Field of Dreams—a movie ultimately about the relationship between a father and son. It felt completely full circle to share this incredible experience with him.

As Kevin Costner mentioned, playing the game of catching with his son was a full-circle moment. It was nice to know the father-son bond translated from the classic film to real-life three decades later. To see Costner and his son throw around the ball, check out his full Instagram post below:

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The MLB players taking part in a special game on the same field proved just how important Field of Dreams has been to baseball. Some films have given fans special pop-up shops or locations to celebrate their legacy. But the collaboration between the league and film took things up a notch. Thankfully, the older and younger Costner men got to experience a sweet father-son moment. If you want to watch Kevin Costner erect a baseball field in his cornfield, you can stream Field of Dreams on Peacock and Prime Video.

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