Marvel's Dave Bautista Wants To Do A Movie With Jason Momoa, And His Idea Sounds Awesome

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So, Marvel’s Dave Bautista and DC’s Jason Momoa are buddies. The actors worked together on the upcoming adventure epic Dune and they really hit it off. Ahead of Dune’s release this October, Bautista just pitched a movie idea with Momoa to the internet, and it's be great to see this one in a heartbeat.

Dave Bautista took to Twitter on Thursday morning to share an idea he has just casually thought up with his fans, and it garnered a lot of excitement. This is a completely out-of-thin-air idea from the Guardians of the Galaxy actor, but he sounds serious about it if the right people are reading.

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Wait, how come this doesn’t already exist? David Bautista wants to be the Riggs to Jason Momoa’s Murtaugh (or vice versa), and he has a great pick for a director. He called upon David Leitch, who is the filmmaker behind Deadpool 2, Hobbs & Shaw and Atomic Blonde. This sounds like an awesome shoot em’ up action flick that we never knew we needed.

Following the viral tweet, Dave Bautista's other Dune costar David Dastmalchain replied that he was hoping he could find a role in this fictional movie pitch. The actor who recently became Polka-Dot Man for The Suicide Squad said this:

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What if these tweets were really the start of an actual movie? In the age of social media, it would not be completely surprising. Marvel’s upcoming hero Shang-Chi did @Marvel about starring as the hero in 2018 before actually being cast in the role the following year. However, as the Marvel president shared, he did not see the social media post before casting him.

A tweet like this certainly can get people talking and rooting for Dave Bautista’s idea. Both Bautista and Jason Momoa are gifted in action moves and comedy quips, making a Lethal Weapon-type buddy cop movie a great idea. Plus, with David Leitch’s stunt work expertise, it’d be plain old badass. What’s really missing here is a script.

While we envision that, I’ll be excited to see Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista in Dune, coming to theaters and HBO Max on October 22. You can sign up for the streaming service ahead of the release using this link if you wish to catch it at home. Writer/director Denis Villeneuve has made it clear that he would prefer you to see in theaters as well as he intended. Check out the latest Dune trailer:

Dave Bautista also joined Jason Momoa for the second season of his Apple TV+ series See as Baba Voss' brother. The show is set to return on August 27. Check out what else is next for Dave Bautista’s acting career here on CinemaBlend.

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